July 14, 2012 – Tigard, Oregon – 10:00 PM PDT

Description: I live in Tigard, Oregon in the Bull Mountain area and last night, 7/14/2012, around 10:00 PM or so, my family and I witnessed a strange object in the sky. My ten year old daughter saw it first and called for me to come out onto our back deck to see something in the sky. It was a bright, glowing object, mostly orange with some red as well and the lights were pulsating. It is tough to say what it’s exact shape was, because the object’s glowing lights were so bright, but it seemed to be oblong. It was moving slowly (slower than a plane) across the sky from right to left (heading west), but after awhile, it started gaining elevation at a quick rate, getting smaller as we watched it. At first, it was lower in the sky than most planes, but by the time it left, it looked as far away as a star.
I called for my husband to see it and he also said that he hadn’t ever seen anything like it and it certainly wasn’t a plane. Then it moved at an increasing speed into the atmosphere and disappeared. It didn’t make any sound.

I then asked my daughter how she first noticed it and she said it was first at the tree line level and very large. I asked her how large and she said it was huge. It looked like, in her words “a glowing lantern that was floating up over the trees”.

Note: Perhaps this was a Chinese Lantern, but it stayed illuminated longer than most Chinese Lanterns. Also the “lawn chair balloons” were launched from Bend, Oregon which is too far to the east to have been seen by the witnesses so this not a viable explanation.

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