July 25, 2011 – Cougar, Washington – 8:50 PM PDT

Animation of 3 Successive Photos Taken by Witness.

Animation of 3 Successive Photos Taken by Witness.

Animation Shows Object in 2nd and 3rd Frames.

Photo & Enlargement of Bright Object Not Seen by Photographer.

Photo & Enlargement of Bright Object Not Seen by Photographer.

[map z=”5″ address=”Cougar, Washington” w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: I can’t really describe it except for what the photos shows. I was taking photos with my digital camera as the sun was going down from the edge of the lake in Swift Forest Camp, about 46 miles upstream from Woodland, Washington. The object was invisible to the naked eye and only when I transferred the photos to my computer that I was able to see the bright object. I am hoping that you might be able to explain what it could be.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Thanks for your prompt reply. The date on the photo is correct (7/25/2011). I was taking, I should say, trying to take photos of the lake as the sun was setting, but was only able to catch it on the last few seconds before it disappeared in the horizon in only one photo. I took three more photos after the sun set because the scene of the lake, the forest and the darkening sky was beautiful. I have 2 or 3 additional photos that shows that object at a slight different angles if you would like to see them.

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4 Responses to July 25, 2011 – Cougar, Washington – 8:50 PM PDT

  1. Barb G says:

    This looks like a live one, not only because of not being able to see it with the naked eye, but because it does not appear to be burning into our atmosphere like a piece of space junk or a meteor. And it appears to have a definite shape. I hope to see the other photos.

  2. Barb G says:

    I want to add another comment about the object it looks as if it is reflecting sunlight on the bottom. So the sunlight was bouncing off of something solid.

  3. Maria McDowell says:

    I’m the one who took these photos. I have looked at hundreds of photos of military and civilian aircraft and even of UFOs and can’t find anything like the object in these photos. No one seems to know what it is, but one thing is certain, it is real. I doubt it was terrestrial in origin. I really wish someone could look into this object under a professional graphics program and be able to extract more detail.

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