July 4, 2012 – Apex, North Carolina – 9:30 PM EDT

Photo Taken by One of Witnesses. Original Photo Has Been Edited.

Photo Taken by One of Witnesses. Original Photo Has Been Edited.

Description: My friends and I were setting off fireworks in a parking lot. One of my friends pointed to the sky a few miles away and we all saw 3 lights in a perfect triangle formation that seemed to come out of nowhere. At first the lights seemed to be changing formation, but we realized the triangle appeared to be rotating off-axis. The triangle stayed in the same spot for about five minutes and then started slowly moving. Each light slowly dissapeared. We heard no sound coming from the triangle and the lights were orange, but changed to blue and red a couple times. My friend managed to get a picture on his phone, but it is blurry since he had to zoom in a lot. About 10 other people saw this and none of us could explain it.

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