Man Sees 2 Bright Objects Float Over Columbia River.

Location of Sighting: Hagerman, Idaho
Date of Sighting: June 30, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM MDT

Description: I saw two very bright lights just floating across the snake river above the usual red lights from the windmills below them. The UFO’s were higher than the usual wind towers. One of the lights wasn’t as bright as the other. I want to say that they looked star-like and would flicker and get brighter and dimmer at will. I watched them do this for about ten minutes. Then the UFO just disappeared and kind of like moved away and got less visible. And that was That. I saw about four about 10 minutes that I know of. I came out of my house and said “wow what the heck is that.” They were way higher than the windmills. Then they bolted and faded.

Note: The witness’s report was difficult to read and much of it had to be removed because the sentences could not be interpreted. The witness stated that the time of the sighting was 11:30 AM. I suspect that the time was 11:30 PM based on his observations.

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