Man Sees 3 Orange Aerial Orbs That Sequentially Vanished.

Location of Sighting: Tracy, California
Date of Sighting: November 22, 2015
Time of Sighting: 4 AM PST

Description: I saw the same exact bright orange orbs in the sky November 22 at 4 AM in Tracy, CA. There were 3 of them moving around high in the sky. Two of them in the back were closer together while the one in front had a little bit more distance away from the others. I took out my phone and recorded them for about 45 seconds and then all of a sudden the one in front disappeared. Five seconds later the 2nd one disappeared and then the third. I was shocked! I know what Chinese lanterns look like and I know what satellites look like and this was like nothing I have ever seen before. The horrible thing is I don’t have the best camera and all you can see is black on the video. I just wanted to share my similar experience with you and am still wondering what in the world it was.

Note: The witness is referring to a similar sighting in Tampa, Florida on November 23, 2015. Click here to read this report and view video.

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