Man Sees Twinkling “Bouncing” Star-Like Object in NE Sky.

Location of Sighting: Yelm, Washington
Date of Sighting: July 2, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3 AM PDT

Description: The size was like a large star. I looked out at 2 AM and the sky looked clear and dark. I especially looked in the northeast sky where I saw a sighting before and there was nothing there. I worked on my computer for awhile and at 3 AM turned it off and glanced at the sky and there again was this twinkling light that again looked like an airplane going across the sky except it stayed in place. It kind of bounced around like it was attached to an invisible rubber band. The lights blinked very rapidly. I moved to another room and it was still visible in the northeast sky. I watched it for about 15 minutes then stopped as I was tired. Could it be a satellite? It is too large for a star and planets don’t twinkle. It pretty much looks like an airplane moving through the sky except it stays in the radius of small space.

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One Response to Man Sees Twinkling “Bouncing” Star-Like Object in NE Sky.

  1. Carol D Michaud says:

    I saw the same sitting on my front patio around 10:00 PM. I suddenly looked up &amp noticed 3 round/oval lights covered with fog. They were bouncing back &amp forth side ways or up &amp down! I decided to go get the Ipad to film this. I sure did not want to miss anything. I was alone seeing this. I needed to put this on film. When I ended up ready to take a picture or something it wouldn’t work. It took me a little time to react to what I was watching up in front of me accross the streets up in the sky at close range. It’s like I froze for a little while in shock maybe. Anyway I started to go down my steps checking out if other people on the streets near by are seeing the same. It went away as fast as it came! Then what do you do? Nobody is going to believe you. People seem scared of the unknown.

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