Man Sees UFO Shaped Like Chimney.

Location of Sighting: Forest Park, Illinois
Date of Sighting: Around August 1, 2015
Time of Sighting: Afternoon

Description: A man was driving home after just shopping at a local Wal-Mart store when he noticed a silver colored object the shape of chimney floating towards the east. The object was a brighter silver on the top half and had no wings. The object floated like a balloon and made no noise. The witness estimated that the object was 20 feet long. The object “tilted down” and then disappeared. The witness said that others also saw the object.

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  1. A purchase says:

    I am the person that saw the UFO. You are right that it was daylight. It was hovering above a two flat building it was about the same height. It was shaped like a “L” shaped chimney or grill. It was silver or white in color it looked like tile or brick. It had no wings and made no sound. I was the only witness. A guy was working across the street at a fast food restaurant taking orders outside. He works there now. It came from no where. It wobbled a little, dropped down about a foot and turned east towards Chicago. That was the last I saw it. This was real. I will take a lie detector test and pay for it.

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