March 19, 2012 – Long Beach, California – 5:30 AM PDT

Description: I saw 2 very bright flashes of light that illuminated the sky as if the sun was coming up. The color of the light was bright light blue-ish green. It was very pretty. I could not sleep and my bedroom window faces the LA river which is Northwest. The flashes occurred two in a row in about a 30 to 45 second interval. It startled me and I sat up in bed, and said, “what the heck was that?” Then it happened again. I literally thought the sun was coming up. It was quite strange. The light quickly raised it’s full illumination and then vanished both times. They looked like they were over the LA river or 710 Freeway.

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  1. minnie mouse says:

    It happens so quick a person would have HAD to know in advance SOMETHING was going to be there! What an extraordinary event you got to witness although I would’ve loved to have LOVED to have seen a picture of it over the Queen Mary! Thank you for sharing. I was beginning to think nothing ever happens over “our” part of the world!

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