March 22, 2014 – Sofia, Bulgaria – 11 PM Local Time



Description: These photos were taken at approximately 11 PM Saturday, 22 March from my home balcony in Sofia, Bulgaria. There are many more shots. The camera was a Fuji Fine Pix. I was sitting on the balcony which is open and I saw the strange object. I went inside, got my camera and took the photos. The object was moving side to side and making/ taking strange shapes. It was visible to the naked eye. The stars were at either side. I have no idea what the object was. The photos are authentic and not fabricated. The only thing I have done is brighten the photos some.

Two people saw the object. I am myself a professional photographer.

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  1. KP says:

    Those stars seem more like stuck pixels. On the other hand, that bigger blob looks like a star.

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