March 4, 2013 – Spokane, Washington – 8:15 PM PST

Center map

Description: I saw a huge triangular shaped object traveling north to south over Spokane Valley, WA. It was flying low and fast with three lights of pink or a peach color.

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5 Responses to March 4, 2013 – Spokane, Washington – 8:15 PM PST

  1. Julie Riveira says:

    I saw something very similar about two weeks ago. It was headed west from the valley going along the edge of the bluff (by Arbor Crest). It was moving very slowly and the lights were different. It was quite large. I could see a bit of a silouette against Spokane’s lights. The object made Arbor Crest look short in comparison to it’s height. I really couldn’t say how far or close it was from my position. I can only describe what it looked like in comparison to the building’s size as it sits on a bluff overlooking the city? I don’t know what it was. It appeared flat on the underside and almost dome/bell shaped towards the top. It had two big red blinking lights directly above and below each other. They blinked off and on, sometimes one, then the other, with no apparent pattern. I couldn’t tell a shape, as I didn’t see it from underneath. It was big.

  2. Lee Peterson says:

    A good friend of mine described in detail that he saw a triangular shaped object with 3 lights heading south over the Spokane Valley around 8:00 PM Monday night, Mar 4, 2012. My friend is a person that would never make something like this up. He described the object and its movements in great detail. Did anyone else see this?

  3. Alexandria Church says:

    I have been seeing a lot of unusual things in the sky lately and decided to research if anyone else has seen these in my area (Otis Orchards, WA). I am glad my fiance and I are not the only ones. No one believed me even when I shot a video of it. Family members would tell me it was a plane, but I know what we saw on several occasions was not a plane. I have been seeing bright orange balls that move in an odd pattern. They sometimes stop and shoot off in the opposite direction. I have seen them suddenly disappear. I have seen these things probably 4 times in the past few months. One night it was so low and so bright I thought at first it was maybe paper caught on fire blowing in the wind it wasn’t until I started seeing lights all around it that I decided it wasn’t a ball of fire. Again I’m glad we haven’t been the only ones seeing something unusual in the sky

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