March 6, 2012 – Near Conneaut, Ohio – 9:30 PM EST

Description: My husband and I were driving East on I-90 headed for PA. It was totally dark. I was in the front passenger seat. All of a sudden my eyes catch two large bright lights moving slowly toward us at a very low altitude. I didn’t say a word. I closed my eyes then opened them again, and it’s still coming directly toward us. I then saw a blinking white middle light. It seemed to be extended somewhat. There was absolutely no sound. It finally reached us and as it was passing over us I saw that it was dark in color with no other visible lights. The front was somewhat shaped like a plane, but the “wings” were rounded at the tips and straight across. The lights were flush or recessed underneath. I have never seen an aircraft fly parallel to a highway. I am not good with measurements. I would say it was at least the width of half a football field. It was certainly flying above the tree lines, but was extremely low. My husband and I have not discussed it.

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2 Responses to March 6, 2012 – Near Conneaut, Ohio – 9:30 PM EST

  1. Joel Small says:

    I, for one, am absolutely flummoxed as to why many of these craft, whomever owns them, make such a point of maneuvering around or over roadways. Someone doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about being seen by those on these roads, and could easily cause dangerous traffic situations.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, one wonders why these craft are frequently seen from well traveled roads? Several years ago a study was done on flying triangles. It was found that the highest density of sightings was along Interstate-5!

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