March 6, 2015 – High Ridge, Missouri – Noon CST



Description: On another note on Friday the 6th of March I was sitting at a stop light in High Ridge, MO around noon. I saw a large disk about a mile out over the trees definitely round and oddly brown? It came straight down out of the south. I grabbed my phone and got these pictures. It shot straight across the highway, stopped over the north tree line and then shot straight north toward St Louis. There were a total of 3 objects oddly enough. Two were silver and one was dark like the 2012 video. I am sending these pictures with direction of travel.

As I said this all happened in the time it took to stop at this light. This big object was as I said quite huge and about a mile away and I am guessing about half the size of a football field. Finally I am going to say I am (NOT) a nut, insane, or wacked out on meth! HERE’S WHAT I HAVE SEEN! HERE IS HOW IT HAPPENED.

Note: The witness said that the objects moved and descended to his right. The witness is referring to a previous sighting that he reported that happened in the St. Louis area in 2012. Click here to read this report.

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  1. Jim says:

    You mentioned the color Brown in the disc UFO you saw. This color is rarely ever mentioned being seen, but I can tell you it is a color some have. Back in the mid 90’s as a UFO sky watcher in Oregon during a high volume and very close to my location “flap” I was scanning the sky daytime with binoculars and only a hundred+ feet away a 50/50 black with a blend of definite “brown” color was seen passing close in my view. It was a flattened football shape with glowing tips ( the amber colored light from the tips appeared to be as a glow on the surface). I heard a slight "hissing" sound. The brown/ black "semi-gloss" surface of the craft looked like the metal surface of a car would and through my binoculars I was just as close. Seconds later I was able to
    capture video of a different, but related saucer shaped object with plasma like color changing surface.

  2. Joel Wesley Small says:

    It’s true that, for whatever reason, there aren’t a lot of unidentified aerial objects that include any mention of a brown color. But I have found that some of the best UAO sightings have this color somewhere in their description.
    There was a well-renown sighting at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in which several people reported a distinct oval object that sat over the terminal area of the airport around four PM which was never identified nor resolved. But what most people don’t know is that there was another O’Hare sighting on the eighth of August of that same year which included the couple who initially reported it and again, more than several witnesses. The man who first reported the object was a geologist with his wife who were standing inside one of the terminals near the windows when they and others saw a large, disc shaped object pass within fifty yards or less of their window. The object had distinct ridging around it’s circumference, and this object had a distinct rusty brownish red appearance. The geologest noticed one person who saw this (a woman) turn away from the sight and rolled her eyes in disbelief!
    There are others, few as they are, that includes this ‘color’ or condition in the reports, and they are usually quite clear and concise, just as this report from “the SHOW-ME STATE” of Missouri! Thank you a fine report!
    I would like to send an e-mail or get one from you, but my old land-cable computer has ceased to be able to either send or recieve such things. Just keep your eyes peeled! Joel Small.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. I did a lot of investigation of the O’Hare sighting (Nov, 2006) and did a radar analysis.

  3. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett,

    I knew that Mr. Haines had done a lot of work on this event, but I didn’t know that you had performed any on-site work such as a radar analysis. Did you manage to find anything as to the radar picking up anything indicating an object had been in the said vicinity that people had reported? I think that I heard that the radar could only pick up targets no closer than some hundred feet from the control tower and/or the terminals.
    The other sighting that I mentioned was supposedly closer and lower than the Nov 06 event, and it causes me to think that whatever these objects were, they were moving about where the airport radar couldn’t effectively find them, or so it seems.
    Thanks for keeping you fine website up and running! Joel Small.

    • Administrator says:

      I did the aviation radar analysis for the O’Hare event. Another associate also worked on it plus did a Doppler radar analysis. He found a blip within about 1/3 of a mile of where the UFO was sighted. I am a member of Dr. Haines’ team. Thanks for your comments.

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