May 23, 2014 – Columbus, Ohio – 11:30 PM EDT

View Animation of Yellow-Orange Lights:



Center map

Description: Okay, I have never done this before and I don't know where to start. Last night, Friday, my husband and I were watching the meteor shower. We saw all kinds of meteors. We saw slow moving, streaks, ones with tails that lasted a bit and faster ones that still we were able to follow until it fizzled out of view.

About 11:30 PM we saw 4 lights. It is hard to explain so I will do my best. It looked like two balls of motion blur glowing lights. On one side were two lights yellow orange and the other side was the same. They were parallel to each other, but offset and flying along the same line. They moved from south to north and they moved straight and fast, but not fast enough that we couldn't watch them go over the tree and fade out. They didn't make a sound and considering what were looking at, it was big enough for us to see it was below the stars above it.

My husband thinks it could be one meteor that split and they are just traveling along the same line, but NO WAY. They were glowing lights. They didn't have a tail, they didn't flicker, they were solid and moving at a good speed.

I have attached a mock video of what we saw. I did this on Photoshop and I think it is the best rendering I could come up with.

I have NEVER in my life seen anything like this EVER. Needless to say, I do believe there could be intelligent life elsewhere. Maybe not little green men or grays not predator or alien, but something. The universe is too vast for there not to be life somewhere else.

I am telling you, it was something. It was something.

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  1. Barbara G. says:

    I sure would like to take a look at what the military satellites have photographed over the years. I think that would clear up a lot of secrecy that has been going on for decades and allow the public to decide for themselves just what they would like to know about what is or is not visiting our planet. The way these two objects were traveling together appears that they were under intelligent control. The article didn’t mention the size of the objects.

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