May 24, 2013 – Frankfort, Illinois – 8:45 PM CDT

Center map

Description: I saw two orange elliptical objects that came from the east, moved slowly over my house and moved southwest after passing over my wife and I. I estimate their speed at about 100 MPH and their altitude at 2,500 feet. And there was no sound. The objects did not have blinking lights, just an even orange glow and they were very clear. After passing over they started picking up speed at about a 40 degree angle and darted upward.

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  1. Terri says:

    We saw these lights too. There were more than two. There were more like 10 or 15. We deliver RV’s and both my buddy and I were on the phone when we saw them. We were on the I-80 and were very clear to see them. At first we were trying to figure out what they were. They were orange as you said and not very high. There were no blinking lights and they just flying in all different directions. I really would like to know what they were. No one seemed to want to pull over or even slow down, but I know others must have seen them too.

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