May 5, 2012 – Ogden, Utah – 9:58 PM MDT

Photo of One of Orbs Taken With Cell Phone.

Photo of One of Orbs Taken With Cell Phone.

Description: 2 of the witnesses called and reported the sighting 2 weeks after it occurred. There were a total of 4 witnesses. The witnesses attempted to report the sighting to a local newspaper and TV station. Their calls were not returned. They also reported to the police. The police told them check on the Internet for UFO Reporting groups which is how they found UFOS NW. Two were riding bikes from a fishing trip on the Ogden River. They noticed two very bright (shape changing) orange (yellow on outside) orbs of light. The shapes would periodically change between diamond and circular shape. Two orbs were first seen to the East. They moved to the North of their position and hovered. The orbs appeared to be spinning. Then one shot straight up and the other streaked off to the East. (Both orbs disappeared.) A local resident in the neighborhood and another cyclist also saw the orbs. Then two more similar orbs appeared to the west over Great Salt Lake. Then one of these orbs streaked to the north and disappeared and the other streaked to the south and disappeared. The witness managed to get one photo of the first two orbs with her cell phone. (It appears that only one of the orbs shows up in the photo. See photo above.) The photo was taken with a Sanyo Cell Phone (I-wireless model). The witnesses said that skies were clear and winds were light. The “large” full moon was out that night. The orbs were about 1/8 the size of the full moon.

Note: Could these orbs be from nearby Hill Air Force Base or the “other Area 51” at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah? Who knows?

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