May 5, 2012 – Rogue River, Oregon – 8:45 PM PDT

Description: On Saturday evening, May 5, 2012 around 8:45 PM I was looking for the full moon. I and three other people noticed orange orbs in the sky above Rogue River, Oregon. We were looking East from West Evans Creek Road and noticed the orbs coming up into the sky from behind a mountain on the north side of Interstate 5. They were very bright orange and in perfect circular shapes. They came up from the mountain one at a time and were in a straight line off to an angle. Three of the orbs were verticle to each other, but still they remained in the line of angled orbs. There were completely silent. They moved up into the sky and flickered out like a light bulb when they got to a certain height. There were at least 18 of them that we saw.

Note: Sounds like the witnesses saw military flares or Chinese Lanterns. Chinese Lanterns may be a better explanation because the witnesses didn’t note any military aircraft.

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