Nov/Dec, 2011 – Meridianville, Alabama 3:30 AM CST

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Description: We live in Meridianville, Alabama, which is about 15 minutes from Huntsville on the outskirts. About 2 to 3 months ago my 14 year old son told me he was watching TV around 1:30 AM on a Saturday and noticed a really bright blue light shining in through the cracks of his wooden shutters in his window. His bedroom window faces the backyard. He said he got up to look out the window, but only opened the shutters enough to see that the whole back patio was lit up. It scared him enough to just hop back into bed and dismiss it. This happened again while watching TV. He was falling asleep at around 3:30 AM and again sees bright blue lights through the cracks and then heard footsteps on the roof and light scratching on his door that leads to the patio. He posted this on his Facebook status just to prove to himself that he was seeing this. Of course when he awoke in the morning he checked to make sure he did post that comment and that he wasn’t dreaming.

On the first incident I told him it might have been a helicopter, but he didn’t hear any noise. Now that it has happened a second time he is a little scared. I would just like to know if anyone else has had this kind of experience.

Second Report by Witness’s Mother: Thanks for your response. I was not awake at these times or noticed anything unusual. The only thing I noticed is both times this occurred on a Saturday. Just to let you know, we are Christians with Christian values and we do not talk about UFOs with our church friends. I believe my son because I know I have seen a UFO about 6 years ago in San Antonio TX. My brother-in-law has also seen a UFO in Von Army, TX on Highway 61 on his way to my Grandfather’s viewing. I have also had experiences with the spiritual side. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Thanks again. If anything happens again, my son will record and note important information.

Note: This is an unusual experience. I have told the witness to document any possible future experiences and report.

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