November 14, 2012 New Lenox, Illinois – 9 PM CST

Description: From inside our home, my husband noticed a bright orange-ish light in the sky. It is a clear night and we went outside to look. It was moving from west to east and looked initially like it could be a plane. The light was “round” and struck us as an odd color for a plane. It was several miles away and fairly small. After a minute or so it slowed down gradually and then just stopped in the air. We noticed it started to slow when a plane was passing us nearby. Then the orange light started to get smaller in roundness, but the light spread out farther up, down, right & left from the center. It was as if my eyes were blurring, but I have perfect eyesight and I even blinked several times to make sure it wasn’t me. Then the light completely disappeared.

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