November, 2011 – Morgan Hill California – 10:30 PM PST

Description: I was letting the dogs out for the last time that night and I saw red, green and white lights in the sky. I thought it was odd to see the green. Usually I see red and white blinking lights. These were flowing or strobing. I kept watching and it was moving toward Morgan Hill which is also different because flight patterns move towards San Jose International Aiport. Anyway I watched and it moved toward me. The lights were around the base in a band and it glided through the air NOT A SOUND even when it was over me head NOT A SOUND. I was freaking out. It was so eery, but also I was in amazement. I just stared in wonderment as it went over my head. It was oval (when I saw it from underneath). It was big (80-100 feet long.) The bottom had a band of red, green and white strobe lights. It had gliding movement. It was moving slowly flying low and moving west to east. I watched until I could not see it anymore. I saw the object for about 2 minutes.

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