October 12, 2013 – Bald Head Island, North Carolina – 9:30 PM EDT

Description: My wife and I were sitting on our south-facing porch on Bald Head Island last night, Oct. 12th, 2013 about 9:30 PM and we were looking out to the east of Oak Island low over the ocean. We noticed a distant light that got our attention. At first I said: “There’s Venus”. But then it got larger and brighter and appeared to be coming right at us from some indeterminable distance several miles away. I then figured it was a jet with it’s “headlights” on headed for a landing either near Southport or up in Wilmington twenty-five miles north. But it seemed way too low for an approach into either runway from so far away. We were stumped.

This white light, now seeming to have stopped approaching as it was no longer growing in size, began to turn orange, or reddish and took on a different shape. It was no longer circular, but oblong left-right and top-bottom. There now appeared to me to be multiple connected lights or at least different levels of color or intensity within a singular light and the object seemed to be moving or jogging slightly to the left and then to the right, maybe up and down a little. It was hard to tell. So my wife, who did not have her glasses on (I have had cataract surgery so see pretty good at distance) went for our binoculars. After she returned the light seemed to move away, got smaller for a while and then moved back towards us . The binoculars didn’t help much because shortly after she got them the light or lights disappeared altogether . Seconds later they reappeared and seemed to split in two because the last we saw of them there was a small or more distant, orange-ish “star” to the east of and above the last seen position and another to the west of and lower than the last view of the larger light or configuration of lights.

Initially I thought I heard a distant sound of jet engines, but that disappeared and could have been coming from other aircraft which fly over Cape Fear at 35,000 ft. or so and we sometimes hear. We have never seen anything like this before in our thirty years of looking over this portion of sky between us on Bald Head and Myrtle Beach. No one else reported this that we know of. I did a “search” of Oak Island strange lights and found your site and several reports over the past few years of some things similar (sort of). Did anyone else report last night’s “sighting?”

I am 70 , college educated , Marine Corps vet and a former banking and textile exec. This seemed odd to me and really has my curiosity going . Should I report it to some formal authority ?

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  1. Paulette says:

    Heard loud booms on Oak Island, this past Friday or Saturday. I sent an email message to the TV station in Wilmington, NC, but I did not receive a reply.

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