October 18, 2013 – Noblesville, Indiana – 11:30 PM EDT

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Description: As I was standing in my driveway walking my dog for the last time before bed I noticed a strange light in the sky.  I am on the flight path to Indianapolis Regional Airport and see planes all the time but, this “plane” was very low and caught my attention as it moved silently across the sky over my home.

After a few moments of watching it I noticed that there was no red, white, or green light and nor were there any blinking of the lights. Also, as it moved from north to overhead and on south there was no change in the shape of the light I could see.  In other words there
was no mass. It was like a wing, tail, body moving between me and any ofthe light.  The circular flower-like shape of the light never changed in any way.

I decided this was something unusual and that I needed to make a picture.  I ran, as fast as I could into the house to grab my camera, a distance of about 20 feet.  By the time I returned to the driveway it had gone behind the one small cloud.  When it came out it was too far away and the streetlight was between it an me so I could not get a picture.  I thought, oh well missed it, and turned to go back in the house when I noticed another one crossing the sky behind my home!

I took off at a fast walk toward the back to get away from the streetlight and my front porch light to get a better picture.  As I walked back I triggered the back porch light so had to keep walking to the back corner of the house.  By the time I got there I could see
about 4 of these lights just a above the walnut trees and they were straight up!

I could also hear police sirens which is not uncommon since there is a main road running east/west just about a mile north of my house.  I know now that they must have been seeing what I was about to see as it was coming from the same direction.

When I reached the back corner and looked to the north there was a whole line of them!  They were not a straight line, but kind of like you would see helicopters in a war movie!  There must have been at least 15 to 20 of these things and they passed right over me without one sound. There was absolute silence!  Not even the siren was blaring anymore.  It was total and absolute silence!

I moved into the shadow behind my house and began making pictures. As many as I could get.  I was shaking and my heart was pounding so some are shaky, but I propped the camera on a birdhouse attached to a tree and got a good one of the line coming toward me.   I stayed in the shadows until they were all gone because I was afraid they would see
me!  They were that close!  I was able to get about 20 pictures before they moved south out of sight.  It couldn’t have taken more than 5 minutes for the last one to move from the northern horizon to the south far enough that I couldn’t see them any more due to the trees there.

There were a few scattered clouds moving from south to north and an almost full moon.  These things were moving north to south into the wind at an incredible speed.

About 5 minutes later I was on the phone with a friend who lives south telling him to look for them (he never saw them) when I saw the last one.  It was low on the horizon to the east and I could only see it as it passed the area at the end of the street.

They were on each one a circular light radiating out like flower petals or sun rays in a child’s drawing.  The lights never changed as they came up to me, passed over, and flew away.  It remained a constant circle at all times.  The light was lighter toward the center changing to blue and the tips of the rays were red.  They were beautiful! There was no flashing at all.

When looking at them at the closest point just above me and if reaching out my
arm with my fingers the objects would measure about 0.25 inches.  They seemed to be flying just above the lowest clouds.

I live on the back side of a subdivision just outside downtown Noblesville, IN.  Directly behind my home is a 5-acre walnut tree grove and behind that the ground drops off 50 plus feet down to a flood plain/corn field of several hundred acres with a river running north-south on the far side.

I am a 55 year old woman and have worked in customer service with a fortune 500 company for over 10 years.  I do not drink, take drugs, or have any mental disorders.  Please explain this to me.

10/20/13 – 22:30 (10:30 PM)  While walking the dog again, I saw another of these lights cross over River Road south Noblesville flying east to west just above the tree tops.

Note: A check of weather conditions showed that surface winds were calm at the time of the sighting. Winds in the lower 5,000 feet of the atmosphere were from west to west-northwest with speeds to no more than 15 MPH. Given these conditions the objects would have had a slight southerly movement if they were drifting with the wind.

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