October 2, 2014 – Vancouver, Washington – 8:09 PM PDT

Description: We (my boyfriend and I) saw 4 unidentified flying objects silently hovering in a flight pattern in the shape of the little dipper. At first we thought that is what it was, but it was so close to the horizon. As they got closer they turned from stars to black flying upside down pyramids with white lights on front and side points, colorful flashing lights midway along the straight edges. As they got closer they were low enough to view closely from the side. The walls of the craft had two rows of office like windows that completely encircled the outside, with the windows joining at front, back and side points acting as the white lights seen on points from bottom. The 4 crafts broke apart one by one in order cruising slowly over Vancouver, WA going NE, stopping then going, stopping and continuing NE and upon exiting city limits they took off fast enough so that they were gone in seconds. The whole event lasted approximately 10 minutes as the second craft wouldn’t maneuver through Vancouver until the first was through, the third after the second was through and so on. It was so odd!

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  1. Tia says:

    I live right off Millplain in Vancouver also, and have been watching them off my porch every night this week.

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