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59 Responses to Report UFO Sighting

  1. SJ says:

    I had a very close detail sighting in Bland County, Virginia January 24, 2012 at 730 PM until 10 PM. The craft was very low with antenna down scanning. The antenna looked like a cell phone tower craft at 600 feet. Please contact SJ.

  2. monroe cook says:

    On January 12, 2012 my son And I drop my daughter off at basketball practice. I was about a half mile from my country home, when I saw a huge round circler spear shaped object. It was pretty blue. Wow it was beautiful. It was About a mile wide. Wow it was the biggest object I ever seen in my life. I’m 55 years old. I have seen almost everything Now. My son and I shared that sighting together. It just dropped straight down like a meteor. If that was a meteor I wouldn’t be here telling you this today. People from miles around would have died Like the dinosaurs. It had no fire coming off of it. Man it came down so fast an it stopped about 200 yards from the ground. Yes, 200 yards and I know what I’m talking about. My son and I looked at each other at the same time and then turned back around and looked at the circular blue object. The object was round and pretty blue. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life. It looked like the ocean inside of it. It made no sound. Then all the sudden on the side of the circle the ocean waves started moving to the right and it took off so fast. If you would have blinked your eyes, you would have missed it. You know the crazy thing: The side where the blue waves came off it. turned into a perfect ice cream cone triangle with the cicle still in the front. It stayed like that while it took off. Nothing comes down out the sky and broad daylight and doesn’t hit the ground.

    • Administrator says:

      Quite an interesting sighting. What time was the sighting?

    • mark mellein says:

      On all articles about UFO sightings it was all about seeing them. Then they leave. What I would like to say is I believe you because I have seen them, but a lot smaller and more numerous. Many times I have been among them where they were all around and I was the only one seeing them. They lead me down a driveway to a group of people watching. A short ways away I fell asleep. By morning they were gone. Since then I keep finding them in the mountains of Ventura County. The UFOs live in groups in rock formations in the cliffs where nobody even looks.

  3. Saul71 says:

    Back in the 1980s I was driving my 77 Ford pick up home from work one evening. It was just starting to get dark and I was driving up a road that led close to the top of a hill when something to the right caught my eye.There are mostly trees on the right side, but in an open space I caught a glimpse of a glowing light, very low and moving the same direction I was going. I thought what the hoot? Maybe I can get to the top of the hill where the road turns left or right and get another look. When I came to the top it had already turned left around the top of the hill and was coming parallel to me going in the opposite direction, about seventy yards away and maybe seventy five or eighty feet up. but listen to this: I stopped, shut my motor off and got out. It didn’t make a noise. It looked like a bi-plane with the nose cutoff flush in front of the wings and the tail section also cut off at the wings. There wasn’t enough light to see any outline of any persons inside. Out near the ends and in between both the wings were large amber colored lights, made like two Dixie cups with the big ends together with the points centered and secured in between near each end of the wings. If Roswell was true, this could be something from area 51.

    If anyone else has seen one of these, please let me know.

    I had another sighting that was nothing but lights. I saw about dark back in about 1963 a light that looked like a small plane just topping over a hill about a couple a hundred or so yards away. I was standing leaning on my cousin’s car. He was facing the other way. Suddenly this small moving light stopped blinking and it looked as though someone was opening a garage door and the garage was filled with brilliant light. Then after a second or so it looked like the door closed, but there was nothing there and not a sound. A friend of mine saw a similarr happening at his airfield, but just saw the blinking lights.

  4. d wozny says:

    I was outside in Roselle Park, NJ when I saw an orange ball going slow then slower when a plane flew by. Then the ball moved east and then just flickered or vanished. Also two fast flying jets flew in that way about 30 seconds later.

  5. carl bennett says:

    There were objects were all over in the direction of the milky way. There were 7 of them at 9.50 PM, April 8, 2012. My zip code is 98226 in Washington State. This lasted for about 2 minutes and then they all scattered. It was crazy!

  6. carl bennett says:

    This site is great. I am an amateur metorite hunter. I pay a close attention to the sky. In my life time day or night I have seen some weird stuff out here in the Puget Sound area.

  7. Greg Smedal says:

    Thursday night after 8:45 PM I was on the deck having a smoke while scanning the stars. I looked to the Northeast and saw what at first, I thought was a commercial jet. Then I sighted two objects. These objects must have been 40,000 feet or more out there. One was a solid round (sphere) the other was displaying a triangular light report. I really thought nothing of it until I witnessed the spherical object change direction by 180 degrees, and rapidly move towards the other. The triangular object casually avoided contact. This dance continued for more than 40 minutes. I wanted to tell my wife, but did not want to leave my post. I AM NOW CONVINCED BEYOND ANY ARGUMENT THAT WE ARE BEING VISITED!

    PS My wife does’nt believe me!

  8. E.H. says:

    After hearing in great detail about descriptions of sightings on the History Channel about extraterrestrials I feel free to say that at age 19 while driving home on the quiet (1 AM) street in Los Angeles I saw something unusual overhead in the distance. I stopped, got out of my car and it was fascinating to watch. It was overhead to the right of where I stood. It was large, disc shaped, had colored lights around the circumference and was totally without any sound. After what might have been 1 – 2 minutes it went away. There was no sound and the lights went out.

  9. E.H. says:

    I forgot to mention this was in 1960 on Santa Barbara Avenue. There was no traffic at all. It was dead silent and that is why I could tell no sounds came from this object in the sky. It just hovered overhead and close enough to see colored lights around it.

  10. T.M. says:

    I had a sighting in Morgan City, LA at 10 PM. I went outside and saw 6 strange lights across the sky to the north lined up in a formation. Then the lights started to move north and the lights moved upwards and north until all but 1 disappeared. Then it traveled towards the north and also just faded out. Then police lights could be seen across the lake from my house cruising slowly. The lights were seen by me and my fiancee. We then went inside.

  11. Johnny Martin says:

    On 27th March, 2012 I was at my friend’s house. We were outside looking at the stars. I saw what I thought was an airplane coming in very fast. I told my friend: “you might want to see this!” It had dropped from at least 30,000 Feet to around 100 feet in 6 or 7 seconds! I thought it was going to crash right on top of us! It went from 1/2 the size of a postage stamp to a quadrangle roughly 70 feet wide at the nose, 400 feet long, 250 feet wide at the rear, and 20 to 30 feet thick. It had 3 white lights underneath that were arranged in a triangle, and had a fourth light in the center that revolved like a red rotating fire truck’s light ant it was very big! WE heard no sound. No vibrations were felt. We observed this craft for at least 45 seconds from when iI first saw it until it escaped our view. Three months later he and I were at Wright Patman Dam, and saw another craft of the same shape, but it looked a lot different. It appeared more “aggressive and we heard this one!” There were others there at the dam and they saw this one too. I have never seen any aircraft that was configured in this way. I don’t believe we have a pilot that can “land” on the air, change course, and resume flight while still in the air! If we do,I want to meet him!

  12. CAL says:

    At 8:49 PMm. on August 25, 2012 I was driving back home, talking to my daddy on the phone. I said, Holy crap, I see 8 orange balls of light on the sky. The sky was pitch black and not single star was out. So these balls of light really stood out. The first group was in a triangular formation and the second group was in a wedge formation. Then I had to get off the phone because more orange balls of light began to appear. They were all flying from the same area in the sky over a distant tree line. I ended up counting 20, but there was certainly closer to 30 of these orange balls of light. The two groups I mentioned broke apart and fell into line then blinked out of sight or whatever they did. Then each and every one did the same thing except for the last one which was farther behind and blinked out in a different area, in line with the others, but in a place before the others. And they were flying upwards not straight up, but at an arch.

  13. J.V. says:

    I was visiting some friends in Homer Glen Illinois. It was late July, 2012, when I looked east and saw a yellowish-orange object heading northeast. This object was cylindrical in shape, and I would guess was about 400 feet long. I also guess that it was flying at about 5000 feet and was about 4 miles away. It wasn’t going very fast. It had no nav. lights nor any strobe lights that a commercial aircraft would be required to have. I was in the Air Force for 4 years and was an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic (FAA certified), and I know that this wasn’t anything like I had ever seen. I saw this object and told my friend, Yo, look at that! He saw it too, and we both saw it for about 30 seconds before it flew into a cloud bank. It made no noise at all, and from that distance, we should have heard something. Did anybody else see it?

  14. T.T. says:

    I have video of our sighting in Myrtle Beach, SC on my boyfriend’s facebook and you can watch it on there. His name is Brett Tittle.

  15. Andy says:

    Around 1964 or 1965 I was at a bingo hall with my mom and aunt. It was about 7 PM when we arrived. As we were walking from car to hall we and hundreds of others noticed 2 round objects in the sky connected by what seemed to be a tube. We all watched for an hour. or so and then it just vanished. This happened in South New Jersey. the next day front page of the Atlantic City Press ran a story about the UFO. I don’t have the date, and my mother is now 80 and does not remember much about the thing. Does anyone remember this event or have any information on it.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t have any sightings that occurred around this time and location. It would be nice to get a copy of the newspaper article in the Atlantic City newspaper.

  16. Rebecca says:

    On Sept 23, 2012 (Rosh Hoshanna) my husband and son went out front to look at the stars. They came back inside just a minute later hollering about a UFO in the sky. I went outside and I saw several, 3 sometimes 4 moving around in the sky. There was one that was bigger than the others. It was whiter and bigger. We had binoculars. The others were vibrating with lots of colors and my son saw one of the smaller craft fly right into the whiter one and disappear.

    Today is Oct 7th and those same craft have been in the sky almost every night since. I have skylights in my upstairs and can see them easily. Tonight my son spotted and new one that was different than the other ones that have been regular, while we were out front tonight. It was a cylinder and had 4 rows of multi-colored undulating lights around the side that was facing us. It was very big! The object itself was dark.

    I’m in my 50s and have never seen anything like this! And for so many days it is like they are waiting for something to happen?

    • Rebecca says:

      PS: For the above post. We are in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. The sightings are always around 10 PM and later and in the ENE from our place.

  17. lynn says:

    in the mid 70s maybe 76 or 77 I don’t recall. Two friends came to my house and told me they had seen a flying saucer on goathouse Rd (Goathouse Rd was a local lovers lane type of place). Well I worked on the 2nd at one of the mills back then and told them to pick me up after work and we would ride back down there and see what we could see. They picked me up along with 3 other friends for a total of 6. Five of us are still alive so we ride down goathouse Rd and their telling us how a light came across a field and hovered over the car. When we get there we see nothing so we ride to the other end of the road turn around and headed back as we cross the little bridge just before the field we are all looking out across it. Still we saw nothing. Then we stoped at an large opening. There was a field on one side trees on the other. As we are sitting there talking about it a light starts coming across the field. It flew right over the car and hovered and made no sound whatsoever. It was a round disk maybe the size of the 4 door car we were in and it was just higher than the trees although it was a clear view over the car. I don’t remember how long we stayed there, but when we started driving back toward town it stayed right over the car, but the closer we got to town the higher it got in the sky until it looked like a star when we got back.

  18. lynn says:

    My report is from North Carolina.

  19. kool guy says:

    On August 12, 2010 I was walking home from school and I felt like someone was behind me, but I would turn and turn, but nothing. I got scared and so I walked fast. I got home and I took of my school uniform and I found a hand print in my shirt. It was very shocking. I didn’t tell anyone.

  20. L.R. says:

    I saw one in 1999. I was late for work. I was so late I took my time. I saw lights in the sky. It was dark and the object looked like a boomerang. All the light in my car cut off then my car cut off. When the light went away my car cam back on and when I gote to work I was not late? I don’t know what I did, but I know that I should have been late to work.

    • Administrator says:

      This is an interesting report. Electromagnetic (car shut downs, radio interference, etc) have been reported in the vicinity of the triangular (and boomerang) shaped objects.

      • Thomas says:

        I saw a boomerang shaped object. It was moving slow over my house. I have never have seen anything like it. It made no sound and had no lights. The moon was a strange color that night. It lit the thing up as it went over. Then it just disappeared.

  21. Kathyrn says:

    I have had night terrors my whole life and was told it was a spiritual thing. A sort of message that I needed to learn from. I have very much learned from them and now know what are messages to be learned from and what are straight out attacks. I have had demonic attack and I am not quite sure if this is not an alien attack. I am always being dragged away I can physically feel it. I have traveled through other dimensions and actually woken up landing back on my bed after being levitated. I know I am not crazy and I hope this is not happening to anyone else. It probably is but my advice is do not be afraid. I don’t know why, but they are afraid of me. That says demon to me, but what if they are not? I have heard of many different species of aliens. I train and rehabilitate animals so I use that when these things happen. Every thing alive is smart in my eyes. You just never know. There will come a time when I will overcome my fears and can learn from this new being. Hopefully I get the smarter ones! Do not be afraid they are not killing us! Hopefully they will never have to.

  22. mark staley says:

    It was 1970. My dad and I spotted a UFO above a hill in WV. As we watched it started changing colors. My dad signaled it by flashing his headlights. It reacted by moving across the sky and the stopped directly over our car. We got scared and took off toward home. It then took of in another direction until it was out of sight. It made no noise that we could tell and it could move and then come to a dead stop in the sky. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  23. A. R. says:

    It was a Tuesday before summer ended, maybe august 17, 2012 in Florida. I went to my aunt’s house because my parents had a conference. I called my best friend so he could come over and hang out a little and get ready to go to his house. Then after the conference my cousin told me to walk the dog and my best friend came with me. We were walking in front of his house and we heard a little girl scream. I thought it was just some girl playing around. Then we came back home and I saw a light that came over us and after 5 minutes, it disappeared out right in front of our eyes. I told my dad about it, and everyone came outside to check what was going on. Five minutes later, the light appeared out of nowhere again, but another light was right next to the other one. I don’t know what it was that, so I recorded it on my Ipod. I recorded two videos of it. We were all pretty shocked to see this. After we left from my aunt’s house my family and I went home and reviewed the video many times and we still didn’t know what it was. I identified it as a UFO.

  24. A. R. says:

    I remember that it was on October 2012. It was in Florida. I was talking to my mom in the car about that UFOs are real, but she didn’t believe me. We were arguing for awhile and when we were close to home, I saw this flat, silver object in the air. I kept staring at it for a while for about 3 minutes. The object was moving, but slow. I was kind of scared. Then I saw that thing move faster than a plane or a jet and it just disappeared in the open skies.

  25. P. Bahamonde says:

    Tonight (Dec 3, 2012) as I was walking my dog along Dupont Road I was looking at the stars and to my right I assumed it was a plane getting ready to crash or a shooting star, because it was white with a trail behind and it was coming down fast at an angle. Then all of a sudden it shot back up on a left angle and disappeared. This will be the 4th time I have seen it.

  26. tracy larson says:

    On Nov 5, 2012 at 9:30 AM in Guadalupe, CA. I saw 6 orbs in the sky. They moved around, then moved across the sky for about 10 minutes, rose up and were gone. Did anyone else see them?

  27. A. R. says:

    I remember the paranormal activity and UFOs I have seen. I have recorded many videos of UFOs. I remember one time at November 30, 2012 that there was this red light with a green and blue light under it. It was around 9:00 PM. I saw it and I knew it was a weird light I had never seen. So my dad saw it and I lied about it, because if I told him that it was a UFO, we would argue that it’s not real or it is. So my dad couldn’t see it, but I did right after we passed a building. I had a clear view of it. After a while it shot sideways and disappeared. It was the third time I have seen lights like these.

  28. It has been too many years, but I must finally report my definite UFO sighting. I never have illusions or maybe see something that is not. I was hitch hiking in south Florida near southwest Palm Beach. A motorcyclist picked me up. We got to Riviera beach, FL. We stopped by the road to check his motorcycle or something and I said look to the west. It was about a minute past sunset and there was these rainbow bullseye colors in the sky perfect dimension zeros. They would blossom into a full bullseye beautiful colors purple pink red blue orange red then poof a magician’s like smoke would appear. I couldn’t believe it, but I did see five to six bullseyes then smoke. I still remember the event. It does still weird me out. Why? I know definitely what I saw and my buddy motorcycle friend did too.

  29. LadyShyStar says:

    I just got a mail from my sister-n-law out of Sarasota FL. She says that her and my nephew saw 10 or 12 orange orbs off the coast last night. The date would be 12-6-2012. I want to know if anyone else has reported from this area.

    • Administrator says:

      So far I haven’t had any orange orb reports from your area on 12-6-2012. However, many orbs have been reported from Florida in the past month.

  30. josh says:

    Has anything been reported tonight about a possible sighting in southeast, OK? Around 8 this evening my brother and I saw 5 orange orbs and about 15 minutes later we saw 9 separate white lights that were spread out. For the past couple hours we’ve seen planes flying over constantly.

  31. F.L. says:

    Back around 1985 I was employed as an police officer in the town of Amesbury, MA. While on duty with another officer we were dispatched to the Merrimac river by Larry’s Mariner. Wow I was stunned at this huge saucer shaped UFO. There is no question this was very close to the river. At a guess I was say maybe 500 yards, it but looked real close due to it’s huge size. It appeared to be silver in color, but I can’t be sure. It was 9:00 PM.

    It had square windows all around the area that we could see. The windows were very close together. After 2 to 3 minutes of just watching it hover, I put the cruiser spot light on the craft and started flashing it on and off. Almost instantly this craft almost vanished in a blink of an eye. I had never seen anything close to this speed. Approximately 2 minutes later the Merrimac Police Department was dispatching a police crusier to investigate a strange object in the sky. This all took place in and around 1985. Both my partner and I decided to not say what we really saw in fear of being called nut cakes. Frank.

  32. E. H. says:

    In 2010 in July, somewhere around the 11th to the 13th on a Wednesday at 10:15 PM while I was walking up the driveway, I spotted 3 large bright red lights in the night sky. I knew what it was. It was coming down from the north [Pittsburgh area] at about 1,500 to 2,000 feet. It was gliding, but somewhat acting like a buzzard in flight. I watched for around 3 minutes and then it shot straight out into space at a 90 degree angle and disappeared in 3 seconds. All I could see was a tiny white spot like a star going out into the universe. In 2011 I saw another one, but this one was like a big ball of light and it did the same thing. By the way I live near Ohiopyle, PA.

  33. Kenneth Larson says:

    On March 23, 2013, there were numerous TV news reports and films showing a bright and green-colored meteor as big as a large truck that blazed across the sky from Canada to Florida. Then on about February 16, 2013, a bright meteor streaked across the sky over Russia and exploded in midair and became the subject of massive news reports around the world. Scientists said the first meteor on Feb. 16 came from the debris field between the 4th planet Mars and 5th plant Jupiter in our nine planet solar system. They haven’t determined as yet if the second meteor of March 22 came from the same debris or meteor field between Mars and Jupiter. During my research in August 2012 in Los Angeles, California, I discovered that light plane pilot Kenneth Arnold wrote in his 1952 book THE COMING OF THE SAUCERS that he saw nine saucers or UFOs flying in a five-miles long line from north to south near Mount Rainier, Washington, June 24, 1947. Arnold wrote there was a wide space between UFO 4 and UFO 5. On July 4, 1947, 3 United Airline crew members saw similar nine UFOs flying near Boise, Idaho, on July 4, 1947, with a similar large space between UFO 5 and UFO 4 (as if they had reversed direction). In my research and published material and World Atlas illustration showing our solar system, I felt that the nine1947 UFOs with a space between UFO 4 and UFO 5 could represent a scale model of our nine planet solar system that has a space between 4th planet Mars and 5th planet Jupiter.

    • Administrator says:

      I am curious to know where you obtained all of this information?

      • Kenneth Larson says:

        The information or data just comes to me and I record it along with much reading and studying UFO sightings. I look upon it as some kind of personal information meant for me to receive and understand and then record in the form of published articles and self-published books. When he was asked how he was able to discover America in 1492, Christopher Columbus reportedly said the data and insights or understanding just what do do just came to him from the Holy Spirit and he acted upon the insights and ideas. With an assistant, Columbus reportedly saw a bright light in the evening sky the day before he landed on San Salvador Island on October 12, 1492, and discovered a New World.

  34. D. H. G. says:

    My husband and I were on our way to Ruidoso, NM approximately nine years ago when daylight had disappeared and we were driving East on Highway 380 about 10 miles from Carriozo. Suddenly the headlights on our Suburban started swaying from left to right, then in circles and then off. It was really disturbing as I was afraid we would be hit if another vehicle were to come up behind us. My husband pulled the SUV over to the side of the road thinking the headlights were loose. That was not the problem and he restarted the vehicle and the lights came on. This was really mystifying and we proceeded on our trip never giving UFOs a thought.

    Then on that same road at night a couple of years later, same location, a bright light is coming towards our vehicle from the rear. The exterior and interior mirrors I remember were were like neon signs and the inside was becoming brighter and brighter. I finally said to my husband I wonder if that truck is going to pass us and I turned around to look and there was no light and we were the only car on the road.

  35. D. H. G. says:

    An added note: Just last year the same incident happened as to a bright light shining in the rear of my car. My grand daughter was driving on a street that is usually very busy, but nothing in sight this particular night. I mentioned that maybe she was driving too fast and a police car was signaling for us to pull over. She started to and suddenly no light. She said “What is going on?” There was not another vehicle in sight. I am beginning to wonder.

  36. Stone says:

    I am looking for any sightings that occurred 0n 5/26/2013 in Rome. I just received a call from my brother who was at Mussolini’s birthday cake (Rome) and observed what he says was multiple high elevation UFO’s ” like the ones seen in Brazil? ” He said he watched them until they disappeared, and they made “shapes” like triangles and such. I am trying to do the research for him. Our phone call was cut short and I expect a call from him tomorrow sometime.
    Thank you.

    • Administrator says:

      We have had no reports. Have your friend send photos and a report of his sighting. Indicate date, time and location of sighting.


  37. robert says:

    For about two weeks now I have been watching the stars. At first I thought what I have been seeing was the north star, but it was glowing bright then dim. It had red and green lights, but no known aircraft moves sideways or in short bursts up and down. Then it will disappear and come back a few seconds later and start it’s bursts of movement again. I asked other people to watch for a few minutes. They confirmed what what I have been seeing for two weeks. I am not nuts, but just bewildered. So I had to write somebody about this strange event going on in the sky in South Bend, Indiana.

  38. Brianna Riley says:

    I just saw a weird light disappear and come back it. It repeated this three times. It wasn’t no tower. I have never seen a tower in the spot where I saw this light. I went inside grabbed my phone and saw that it had moved, but it was just a sitting light. It a star because there was never a star there when I went inside. I took a picture cropped it to see it close. It was just a grey circular object. It was no light. It was just a grey circular object.

  39. pamela pinter says:

    Tonight the date is October 9th, 2014. At 830 PM my husband called me outside to look at something. What I saw in the night sky freaked me out. There were 9 fire like lights moving slow in the sky. No sound came from them. It was like they saw us standing in the street watching them. After about 5 minutes the glow slowly faded. They disappeared in a cloud. Then a few seconds later there came one more which made it ten and it made the same exact movments as the rest. It was really weird.

  40. Lead SD says:

    I saw a three beams of lights one night. I thought was cool. I like to watch history on TV. It said three beams are uasally a sighting.

  41. mark mellein says:

    I need help they are everywere in Ojai, CA 93023. They are all over the mountains in really big clans and growing in numbers and no one really knows about them, but they are everywhere ( See YouTube Link: ). The orbs came to study me in the night and I got them on film. Please watch this video. It shows that the UFO activity is really strong in Ojai and since I posted it on the web a lot of people have been seeing them day and night. There is a really strong multi ringing tones going on in Ojai. I have 4 or 5 going on all the time and other people are experiencing the ringing too. I can’t stop studying them because there are so many. I don’t know what to do next.

  42. Aliens are among us. They are not short with large heads, gray skin, and large dark bulging eyes. The real aliens have bright glowing blue eyes. Do you think they really want you to know what they really look like?

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