Links – Paranormal/UFO

Above Top Secret

Aileen Garoutte’s Blog – UFO Contact International)

Alien Hunter

Alien Xfiles

Argentine UFOS

Brad Evans (UFOs Northwest Investigator) Blog

The Black Vault

The Book of THoTH Paranormal and Topical Research and Discussion Web Portal

British Columbia – Canadian UFO Research Center

Bruce Maccabee Research Web Site

Crop Circle Tourist

Center For Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Center For UFO Studies

Charles Hall Blog (USAF Serviceman Who Had Alien Contact)

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

Coalition For Freedom of Information

Computer UFO Network

Conspiracy City


Epic Voyagers (Paranormal-UFO-Conspiracy-Fringe Science)

Filer’s Files (MUFON Skywatch Investigations)

Ghost Greeters (Portland, Oregon Paranormal Investigative Group)

International UFO Congress

International UFO Museum

Journal of Frontier Science

The Majestic Documents

Missouri Investigator’s Group

Mutual UFO Network

National UFO Reporting Center


Real TV UFO Videos Blogspot (UFO Evidence Recorded & Obtained by Media)

Sky Scan (Florida Sightings)

Seattle UFO Network

Southern Alabama Alien Abduction Research (SAAAR)

UFO Focus New Zealand Network (UFOCUS NZ)


UFO Information & Research Center (Ghosts and UFO Studies)

UFO Evidence.Org

UFO Casebook

UFO Crash Zone

UFO INFO (Source For UFO Reports Around the World)

UFO MAN – (UFO Photos & Videos)


UFOS Wisconsin

Unexplained Northwest Investigation Team

V-J-Enterprises (Stanton Friedman)

The Virtually Strange Network

Washington State Experiencers (Abduction Support Group)

Welcome to Petroglyphs in The Sky (UFO Photos/Videos in Phoenix, AZ Area)

World UFO Photos.ORG (1,200 of the Best UFO Photos in the World)

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  1. Ludovico says:

    Hello friend, my name is Ludovico and I am Argentine ufologist. The reason for my message is that I wanted to ask you please that we exchange links. My website is hhtp://
    You will help me much if I add in your links. I will do the same. Thank you very much.

    Ludovico Miranda

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