Sep 10, 2014 – Chincoteague Island, Virginia – 9:28 PM EDT



Description: The witness called a few minutes after his “last” sighting. He had repeatedly over a two hour period saw four red lights that would rotate in a circular pattern and then abruptly vanish. This occurred several times. He was unable to keep the lights in view long enough to take a photo. The lights were above a lighthouse, but were not associated with the lighthouse. The lights did not flash. The witness was fishing at the time of his sighting in a local channel. He called out to several people who were on the dock and they also saw the lights. The sighting occurred near Wallops Island, Virginia where rockets are launched. The witness stated that the lights were not a rocket, but he thought that a rocket was scheduled to be launched on Sep 10. (This has not been verified.)

Additional Information Provided by Witness: It’s the best I could do. (The witness is referring to his sketch above.) It was dark and I could only see solid red lights. Sightings 1, 2 and 4 were in the same spot. I saw one light appear right after the next going from right to left. I saw one light appear, then the second, then the third, and as the fourth appeared, the first light went away. After that, it didn’t go in any specific direction, but it just disappeared. Sighting 3 was what seemed to be the same lights, but spread over a distance. But, the two lights in the center were still rotating. Seeing one, then two, then one again. The two lights on each end to my best guess were approximately 5 miles from the circulating center. And again, disappeared. After all this I grabbed my phone and sat on a picnic table for an hour and a half trying to get something, but they were long gone.

Note: A sketch has been requested from the witness. The witness said that he would send a sketch. Updates will be posted.

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  1. AJ says:

    I also saw those lights. I was camping and fishing in Chincoteague. My cousin took a video.

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