September 11, 2014 – Gladstone, Missouri – 9:30 PM CDT



Listen to Recording of Witness Report (YouTube):

Center map

Description: The witness was playing in a band outdoors and noticed an orange orb coming out of the low storm clouds. The orb circled a cell tower, hovered for about two minutes and then vanished into the clouds. The witness snapped two photos of the object. The recording of the witness’s report is above.

More Information Submitted by Witness:  You have to zoom in to see it. It was like it came down to see what was going on. It was solid orange. I don’t know why it looks whitish on the picture.  It was closer then my phone camera shows it. I Didn’t have time to zoom in as I thought that I would lose it.  A year prior there was 20 orbs dipping in and out of the clouds on Highway 435. People were pulling off to look at them. It was in the paper. I have it somewhere and MUFON did a show on Blue Springs on a UFO flap here. I live 15 miles from Blue Springs. I just needed to tell someone and show my pictures. Thanks.

Note: A check of weather conditions showed that skies were overcast with cloud bases at 2,800 feet. This means that the orb was flying quite low.

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