September 14, 1982 – Old Woman Mtns, Needles, California – 12:30 AM PDT


Description: Before I die off and never tell anyone I thought about this since it occurred in 1982 so I better say something now.

Myself and 2 other men were prospecting in the Turtle Mountain range in California, in September, 1982, in the old woman mountain range also, we had worked all day with our detectors walking the washes and the side banks. After being there for 3 day and finally resting, we camped at the old woman monument site.

We set up camp, ate, talked about the day, built a fire and settled in for the night. Around 00:30 hours, #3 got up to go to the bathroom. He noticed a bright light coming in from the north and woke us up to observe. I awoke, and #2 also was awake. #3 pointed to the light and now all 3 of us were watching the light approaching from the north. It continued toward us, descending lower and lower. It dropped down to an altitude of approximately 500 feet and kept getting lower.

There was no noise, other than a low-pitched humming. All of us watched the object land in an level area approximately 50 to 75 yards from us. All of us were stunned by our observation, but we still watched. In a few minutes??? we observed a light source coming from the bottom of the object, at the same time the object elevated itself approximately 20 feet off the ground. In seconds a small pair of man-like creatures appeared. Nobody moved, nobody talked, yelled or screamed. Another light source came from the object and lit us up. All of us ran out further away from the object. At that point both unknown creatures hastily moved to the center of the craft (underneath) and they both seemed just to disappear.

The object then began to elevate itself to approximately 200 feet or more and stabilized at that altitude. It than moved to the northeastly direction gaining altitude until it was out of sight and no longer observerable.

#2 began to breakdown emotionally, and said he had a religious vision.
#3 also sid he had a vision, and said the same thing as #2.
#1 myself, did not have any visions. I tried to explain to both of them, the experience was real, no more no less, but we must mark it up as an unknown, and keep it to ourselves. So this is what happaned after we returned to our homes.

#3 told his pastor, and the pastor said it was the devil or his angels. To this day he is convinced he saw satan.
#2 had a little mental breakdown and ended up in WARD B for several days for observation.
#1 has recurring dreams of the day of the incident, but I have still maintained my realistic approach to observations and life experiences.

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5 Responses to September 14, 1982 – Old Woman Mtns, Needles, California – 12:30 AM PDT

  1. Joan says:

    I would like to thank the writer for sharing his story. I find the varied responses of the witnesses to be consistent with human behavior when confronted with such an encounter. Herein lies the difficulty of widespread acceptance in the face of an overwhelming body of evidence. I hope that all have come to realize that they have remained safe, in spite of the consequences incurred by this sighting.

  2. Jon Hagner says:

    Although this frightening encounter occurred 30 years ago, thanks for having the courage to submit this report. The shared event exacted a tremendous psychological and emotional toll on the 3 witnesses. Unfortunately, they turned to people who did not have the insight or experience to guide them through the lengthy process of healing. That is understandable given the fact that only a few professionals specialized in this area in 1982. I do not know if the 3 witnesses are still in contact with each other or how they would feel discussing the event with a qualified individual. Enough time has transpired since the encounter so, possibly, it might be therapeutic to talk about the sighting with each other. I believe the person submitting this report has been on the long road toward recovery. The best to all three.


    This case, like so many millions of other cases, gets told many years later. The same is true with my world wide known story that occurred in 1964, Feb 9, 1964 to be exact. That was the date that the Beetles first appeared on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW, which was a staple for viewing every Sunday night during the days of black and white TV.

    However now known to millions, a UFO event (Remember it happened in 1964) was also happening in Hacienda Hgts, CA. That would change my life forever. While millions watched the ED SULLIVAN show, a disk shaped UFO landed in a large field which today is where the POMONA FREEWAY IS now built. However when I created the UFO AUDIO VIDEO CLEARING HOUSE IN 1986 (Sharing UFO videos via the home video recorder – VHS AND BETA AND U-MATIC) and had over 165,000 members and growing every day, than the TV media came from all over the world “Wanting to hear about the Hacienda Hgts UFO case of 1964.” Where was the media in 1964? They just did not want to hear about UFO cases. WHY “BECAUSE THEY CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH.”

    P.S. What did the police report say My Father, My Mother and I saw land that night in a field in Hacienda Hgts, CA: “A SILENT HELICOPTER” yet the police officers who took the report stated to us that night that 100’s of reports were coming into the CITY OF INDUSTRY’S sheriff’s department about a strange RED, ORANGE, YELLOW GREEN AND BLUE ROATATING FLASHING LIGHT IN THE SKIES. Humm quite bright, and lots of calls to the police for a silent oval, disc shaped “Silent Helicopter.”

    Dave Aaron March 15, 2010, (Thanks George)
    PO BOX 432
    YUCAIPA, CA 92399 USA
    EMAIL VIDEOWAITING@AIM.COM – Have a great day

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