September 14, 2013 – Mansfield, Washington – 1 AM PDT

Description: I was camping at a music festival called Cloneapalooza. Several other people saw this also. The object was glowing green and heading north. It looked like it was about a mile away from us over the river and about 2,000 feet above the ground. Then it’s elevation increased to about a mile and then it headed south while continuing to climb. We watched it for about 35 minutes before it was too far away to see. The address below is not accurate because we were 8 miles from the nearest neighbor. Unfortunately no one took a picture. People are talking about it on the Cloneapalooza Facebook page. The coordinates are 48.104995, -119.288141.

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  1. Barbara G. says:

    Now this one is interesting. Too bad that there isn’t a photo.

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