September, 1989 – Woman Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Entities From Craft.

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Description: For many years I tried to convince myself that what happened this day in September of 1989 was just a dream. But every time I think about it, my heart rate raises and my blood pressure goes up. One evening, about 9 PM I was watching TV, when it suddenly went to a grey static. In the next moment I saw foggy, dark figure shadows on the screen. This is when the whole memory of the night before came back. It ran like a movie in my mind, real fast! I was almost paralyzed, being very scared to say the least.

The night before: The kids and I were sleeping. About 1 AM I felt uncomfortable and went to the kitchen. Out of habit I looked out the kitchen window when I saw a big, round aircraft straight ahead of me, right behind the trees at the beginning of the field. It had windows all around on the top and in the middle part it opened and I saw some kind of escalator stairs with some dark figures coming out/down. I wasn’t scared, but rather was stunned and alert watching it. I was still staring at these “people” coming down, when I noticed out of my eyes one little guy (grey tight outfit and enormous big black eyes) already standing in our yard beside a small tree, looking and staring at me! All I could think about was the safety of my children and thought how to rescue them, get them out and at the same time I thought why me? That moment this other being talked to me in some kind of telepathic way and said not to worry about my children, they won’t be harmed and I will forget everything that happened. I must have, because I don’t remember anything after that until the next evening, when this TV incident occurred.

I still want to mention that I got so extremely scared after the second day memory came to me, that when I tried to call our 15 year old son (who wanted to spend the night at his friend’s house) to come back home. I barely was able to walk or breathe. I made it to the phone in horror and hysterical screamed for him to come home. He has NEVER seen his tough mother like this. My whole life I felt uncomfortable to share this, but I thought maybe somebody else had a similar experience.

Note: This sounds like a “classic abduction” scenario if the account is true.

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3 Responses to September, 1989 – Woman Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Entities From Craft.

  1. Michael says:

    I had a very similar experience except I was watching TV and it shut off. Then I heard a very loud buzzing noise. I looked out the window. Then I saw a big oval shape in the sky and then it flew to the window. I think it was some tracker beam that did that. I woke up and I realized I was gone for 9 hours. And all this happened about 3 PM on my birthday!

  2. jon says:

    Is this stuff really happening to us? I have had so many sightings of different types of craft very up close and personal. I wonder all the time if I haven’t been abducted myself. I can’t recall any abduction experiences, but in the many, many times I have been in proximity of UFOs there would also seem to be the abduction and missing time scenario. I would love to be hypnotized and recall something. I feel down in my gut I have been, but no memories. Thanks.

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