UFO Sighting Maps – 2011

UFO Sighting Maps – 2011 –
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2 Responses to UFO Sighting Maps – 2011

  1. Rita says:

    It was in 1954 in Entiat, WA at 8 to 9 PM. It was in the summer and we didn’t see any stars. There were 3 adults and a 5 yr old looking out back window of car saw a bright light following over the Columbia River. The adults looked and also saw the object. We parked the car along the road and got out to observe the object. It was a huge big object and it had some lights. We could see the shape from a side view. It was saucer shaped. It hovered over river directly in front of us for about a minute at almost the same level. We Hear no sound. The object rose up and in a flash was up and over an 800 to 1000 foot bluff and was gone. I was fascinated, had no fear and felt fortunate to have the experience.

  2. Joan says:

    I notice that both the 2011 and the 2012 maps show similar geographic concentrations of sightings toward the coastal states and the Great Lakes. I wonder how many can be linked by proximity to large bodies of water, and if similar sightings can be tracked along a flight path?

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