Silent “Creepy” Green Object Moves in Parabolic Curve.

Location of Sighting: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: August 6, 2017
Time of Sighting: 12:35 AM EDT

Description: I have seen something similar to what you had mentioned for the 2013 green light over Shippensburg, PA. I wish to remain anonymous, as shown by my name here. At approximately 00:35 on 06-Aug-2017, I had seen a green light shoot across Shippensburg above my house and yard heading roughly in the West, North-Northwest or Northwest direction. I live at an odd angle so it is hard to say which direction it was heading. It is one of the three. Fire Police/Police were dispatched within 2 minutes of me having seen it.

Now, mind you, it couldn’t have been fireworks or a drone. This thing moved in an odd parabolic type curve. It was that creepy green unlike what I have seen on a drone. The only thing I can think of that burns that green for a firework rocket would be copper or thallium. The reason it cannot be that either is that there was no noise or even a bang or anything. There was a faint glow past the trees blocking my view of where it went, so I assumed it touched down nearby maybe 250 to 350 meters out at most.

I would say it was going between 85 and 100 kilometers/hour. I checked police and fire logs. Nothing has been posted about dispatch or incidents so far. Perhaps it will change, but in any case, it is strange to see police rush over to something so quickly even with it being fireworks.

Any information on the previous green light you had seen or perhaps anything else along this trajectory would be appreciated.

Note: The witness is comparing the sighting to another sighting of a green light on another site. The location of this report is not known.

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  1. Barb G says:

    It’s possible that the police may have been getting calls like this to the point that they wanted someone from the police department to try to make it to this person’s home simply to try to get some clear photos of the object. I have never heard of the police being that interested in a UFO sighting. Very strange indeed.

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