Silent Transparent V Shaped Flies Low & Slow.

Location of Sighting: Bakersfield, California
Date of Sighting: September 7, 2017

Center map

Description: My wife and I witnessed this exact same V shape UFO flying low and slow. There was no sound coming off it at all. It was transparent, but you could see the outer lines of the craft. It was a pretty awesome experience. This was in Bakersfield,California on 9/7/17.

Note: The witness is commenting on the following sighting from the “Vike Factor” UFO Blog:

Date:  March 28, 2012 and April 20, 2010
Time:  7:05 p.m. and 7:55 p.m.
Hi, my name is (name removed). I had a sighting of a V shaped craft on 20 April 2010 at 19:55 p.m. and again last night 28 March 2012 at 19:05 p.m. The craft looked transparent, had no lights, made no sound.
The first and second time I noticed how it was moving through the clouds, almost like vapor coming off it.
Image Left: Click on image left for larger view.

We live in Johannesburg South Africa. I edited a photo of the night sky, where it was see, and added the V shaped craft.

I am in the process of getting some night vision equipment.

I really hope to get some footage soon.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my sighting. Kind Regards.

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2 Responses to Silent Transparent V Shaped Flies Low & Slow.

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Greetings again Mr. Puckett, and my sincere thanks to the Bakersfield couple who took the initiative and perhaps the courage to send their sighting report into you, sir. I know that I have told you that this or a similar object was seen by the University of Missouri Professor Harley and his study group in the Cape Girardeau area, and described it as very fast, dead silent, and seemingly translucent or transparent as it passed over their location. When I first read their study, I had never heard of any sort of ‘boomerang’ shaped UFO’s and when they mentioned that they thought that they could actually see the stars ‘through’ the object, I pretty much dismissed this report as their ‘wild and wishful’ minds being in overdrive, but as time passed, I came across more than several more of these sighting reports including from people who I would never think would likely see or report such things! I conclude that these are ‘real’, but there is still the questions of just whose they are and more importantly: What are they doing as they overfly our Country and or the rest of the globe? Again, thank you all!

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have the book about Dr. Harley Rutledge. He is one of a few noteworthy scientists that took the risk of studying UFO’s.

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