Single Bright Dark Orange Red Ball Moves Slowly.

Location of Sighting: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: October 11, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM EDT

Description: I was getting out of my truck late at 12:45 AM on 10/11/16 above Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. I witnessed a single bright dark orange red ball hovering slowly. I hurried to go look and mistakenly triggered my driveway light sensor. With the light kicking on I am now sprinting to the opposite side of my house. The ball is still moving in a very bold yet effortlessly smooth motion. Only it has changed course possibly due the bright flood light on my house switching on monetarily blinding me. Just as it was happening the ball switched course? Now it’s headed toward a tree line, however I can make out a triangle like figure which the ball sat directly in the middle of. I was completely silent with no blinking lights. I assure you I have witnessed bright fireballs at night and this was not one. It never disappeared. It just floated out of sight after changing course. The Winds were calm, but the orange red orb was going against them. There is no explanation for this. I have never seen a UFO before. I am fairly certain there was intelligent life maneuvering this.

Note: This is a good report, but the witness has provided some conflicting statements like “hovering slowly” and “moving against the wind when winds were calm.”

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