Star-Like Object Had Flashing Lights Spinning Around it.

Location of Sighting: Highland, Indiana
Date of Sighting: September 3, 2016
Time of Sighting: 4:20 AM CDT

Description: I saw what looked like a star high in the sky except that it was lit up more so than all of the others. When I stopped and looked closer I noticed it had colored flashing lights spinning around it. Specifically it had a flashing red light and a flashing dark green light flashing around in circles. I proceeded to go inside of my apartment building and grabbed my binoculars. I observed it from my bedroom window and when I looked into it closer there were indeed lights spinning around it. It stayed in one spot until the sun came up as it then vanished. About 45 minutes after watching it, I also noticed a bright flashing red and white light that came from out of it and shot across the sky in seconds, but it would blink on and off and every time it would blink on again. It would move miles further away in the sky within a second of time. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen and it obviously was nothing from our planet. I do not wish to be identified. Thank you.

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