Star-Like Objects Zigzag Move in Circles.

Location of Sighting: El Cajon, California
Date of Sighting: January 25, 2017
Time of Sighting: 5:20 AM PST

Center map

Description: I went outside around 5:20 AM this morning. I looked up at the stars. One of them was moving. It was alternating between going in circles and zigzagging all in a rather tight area, but enough to be honestly noticeable. I watched it for about 10 minutes and it was still up there when I went back inside.
It was in the Southwestern sky above the Pacific Ocean from San Diego, California. I thought it was a star at first, it was so far away. Then I saw it was moving rapidly in the manner I described above. It was too far away to make out the color of the lights. It couldn’t have been an aircraft from the earth since it was moving so erratically. I don’t think my cell phone would be able to capture, but I gave it a try. At 5:45 it was still out there and I spotted two others. I tried to film them, but they were too far away for my cell phone to pick up. I looked a little to the North of the first one I spotted and saw another one, farther out, moving around the same way. Then I looked to the South of the first one I saw and there was another, equally as bright as the first one, but at a greater distance in the skies than the one to the North of the first one. There were three of them! They were circling, moving in straight lines, turning to the left or right and circling again. I do hope someone else has seen them, or that some of the big telescopes may have caught them.

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3 Responses to Star-Like Objects Zigzag Move in Circles.

  1. Helen says:

    I live in the Poconos and this very same phenomena is happening here ALL the times. What are they?

  2. kyle justice says:

    I live in Kentucky and can also see these in the night sky here. The colors are mostly blue, followed by red, yet they flash so quickly at times you almost can’t tell what the other colors are at times. I have noticed yellow green and an amber-ish orange color being emitted as well. The objects whatever they happen to be do in fact move quite quickly at times in a circular formation and a random back and fourth zigzagging type motion, but it’s more of a circular zigzagging motion. I have noticed a couple of these while I am watching the sky at random times during the night. The one that I first noticed and keep my eye on mostly is usually a lot lower toward the horizon than most of the stars that you can normally see due to trees and the hilly landscape here. After researching what these might be it seems I just run across a lot of people that are just as clueless as the rest of the people that have noticed it in the sky. I am attempting to pursue some type of further knowledge on the object hoping that there will be a legitimate explanation of what this is from people who aren’t talking crap saying that it’s people just tripping out or thinking it’s a UFO, and when I say UFO. I highly doubt that this is a UFO or anything of the sort. I have personal belief that it perhaps may be a supernova that we are just catching the light from that is bright enough to catch yet far enough away that it wasn’t able to damage our celestial objects is our solar system, or perhaps a binary star that is getting very close to it’s ultimate fate of colliding with it’s neighboring star. Or it could even possibly be a pulsar which is spinning at such a rate that it is giving itself an erratic movement. Who knows?

  3. Helen (Poconos) says:

    In my sky, there is a set of about 15 of these zig zagging, up and down ‘stars’. These are always blue and occasionally have a small blast of lightening-like flashes behind them. The other thing that I have noticed is that, as the body of stars move from side to side during the nightly hours (IE: on the left of my hours in the evening, on the right in the early morning). These particular moving ‘stars’ are always in the same area. Some have mentioned that it’s a trick of the eye if you stare at them. However, the real stars are still while viewing these others as they zigzag, move in circles (sometimes wide) and a few times, have moved in a square. Often, they seem to be playing tag with each other.

    Anyway, these ‘stars’ are really bugging me. Are they UFO’s, air force maneuvers, maybe even drones? It is starting to drive me crazy because they NEVER leave the area. They are always there. They move around in the evenings, but are even more exaggerated in the very early morning hours.

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