Summer, 1949 – Citrus Heights, California – Near Sunset

This report was received from newspaper columnist Sam Uptegrove. Sam can be reached at email:

Description: I just wanted to contact you for more information on the UFO sightings that you have run across and ask if you have a website? Because what I have to tell you about a sighting that I had back in 1949 is one of the better ones. I was about eleven or twelve and I and my parents along with my two sisters were visiting my aunt in a town north of Sacramento called Citrus Heights, California. There were at least ten people all standing around the driveway talking because we were getting ready to leave, it was getting toward sundown and it was during the summer. All of a sudden my aunt said, what is that? We all looked up the UFO was moving from west to east in what I would call slow flight at about between 300 and 400 feet in altitude. At the time I didn’t know what slow flight was. It also had a slipstream I could see. It appeared like a photo of the sun that you would see in a magazine at the time. It also was not very large with no sound at all and it gave off no heat at all no matter what it looked like it was not a meteor. There was no smoke or flames like you would see with a chunk of rock coming into our atmosphere. It was also under complete control because as it flew by and was at least a half mile away it made slow left turn keeping the same course and altitude. It was large enough to carry a small crew. There were houses scattered on property all over this area along with large hay fields across the street from my aunts property. It did not appear to have any fear of anyone on the ground at all. I doubt we were the only ones that saw this ship because in my opinion that is what it was.

Keep in mind too that in 1949 the military didn’t have any thing like this because I lived several miles from an air force base and saw most of what flew in there because one of their flight paths was about a mile or two from my parents house. What I would like to know is if anyone has ever reported seeing anything like what I have described? Seeing this is what prompted me to start following the UFO sightings all these years. The only thing that might be what I saw is the sun ships that some South American Indians saw 1,000 years ago.

Thank you

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