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Red Pulsing Light Seen in Night Sky. Photo Taken.

Location of Sighting: Hartlepool, United Kingdom Date of Sighting: January 16, 2016 Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM GMT Description: Hello from the UK. We have a red pulsing light in our sky over Hartlepool. It is about 19:15 GMT. I … Continue reading

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Blanket of Fire Seen Wobbling Across Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Boca Raton, Florida Date of Sighting: April, 2011 Time of Sighting: Early Morning Hours Description: I saw a blanket of fire wobble across the sky and then pulled itself into a Sun-like orb pulsating toward me as … Continue reading

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Red Star-like Object Seen Pulsing in Night Sky.

Location of Sighting: Tracy, California Date of Sighting: December 14, 2015 Time of Sighting: 1:15 AM PST Description: I saw what looked like a very bright red star that pulsed red and then would go black. It was over an … Continue reading

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100 to 200 Multicolored Lights Move Below Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Everett, Washington Date of Sighting: September 16, 2015 Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM PDT Description: We saw 100 to 200 lights. They were bright colors of blue, green, red and yellow. They were very bright and each … Continue reading

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Woman Sees Cigar Shaped UFO. Police Called.

Location of Sighting: Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, England Date of Sighting: September 30, 2015 Time of Sighting: 5:15 AM Local Time Description: I found your details on the internet after searching for listings of anyone having sightings of UFO in Coulby … Continue reading

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February 6, 2015 – Crowley, Texas – 9 PM CST

Description: I am sorry. I accidentally submitted my sighting before I was done! I am having computer issues! The orbs were silent and went right over my car! I pulled over and described them to my sister over the phone. … Continue reading

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October 28, 2014 – Westchester, Illinois – 1 PM CDT

Description: Yesterday, at approximately 1 PM, CDT, My Husband and I saw a stationary object, pulsating in the sky. It was very shiny. It was in the south from where we stood, and it did not move. It get bright, … Continue reading

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May 25, 2014 – Gainesville, Missouri – 11:50 PM CDT

Description: Above the tree line I saw 2 motionless, large flashing white lights in a vertical position. They were synchronized and slightly to the left was a light brown or tan circular shaped object. I couldn’t see the overall shape … Continue reading

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February 28, 2014 – Burien, Washington – 11 PM PST

Description: No motion was detected. The object appeared as a twinkling star or planet. Through my binoculars it appeared to pulsate and change color. That is when I took a picture with my smartphone. I totally enlarged it the next … Continue reading

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January 14, 2013 – San Gabriel Mountains, California – 10 AM PST

Description: Okay so this sighting happened to me awhile ago but I have been thinking about it ever since. So I was walking in line with other people towards a mountain. Now I wasn’t going to this mountain. It was … Continue reading

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