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Sighting Reports 1991

Woman's Sighting of Triangular Object Saves Her From Intruder

Drawing of Triangular Object by Witness
Drawing of Triangular Object by Witness

Date of Sighting: August 31, 1991
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PDT
Date Sighting Reported: November 13, 2007
Duration of Sighting: At Least 30 Minutes
Location of Sighting: San Jose, California (Bay Area South of San Francisco.
Latitude: 37.35 Degrees North
Longitude: 121.91 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Unknown.

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I saw a small triangle with 3 colored lights (red, green, blue). The triangle was sitting on my neighbor's back porch for at least 1/2 hour maybe longer and then disappeared after I called the police. I glanced at the object several times while getting a bowl of cereal from my kitchen window, but every now and then I would stop eating and look intently out my window and try to figure it out. My neighbor lived alone. It was late and the light was on in my kitchen so I had to lean over the sink to get closer look out my window. My neighbor's back yard was across from my kitchen window with a good neighbor fence that separated us. My kitchen and my house are elevated (3 steps) so and I can look down slightly into my neighbor's yard. It was late at night around 10pm? So outside was really black except for that triangle shaped object on my neighbor's back porch with the 3 little lights. I've never seen anything like it before so I tried to get real close to the window. I finished my bowl of cereal and put it in the sink and as I did I leaned way, way forward and cupped my hands around my eyes and pressed my face against the window. It was late. (I remember after 10pm at least.) The object was bothering me. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the heck it was and since my fiance' was out of town I was alone, but now this thing was really bugging me. I turned off the light in the kitchen to eliminate the back glare and cupped my hands on the window again. It was hard to see, but I was beginning to make it out. It was definitely a black shiny pyramid/triangle shape with a bright light on each corner (red, green, blue) that I could see from where I was. It just rested there on her back porch and didn't move. It was about 2 feet high and wide from the base up to a pyramid point. The lights didn't blink. I decided it was time to get a closer look. My washer and dryer are on my back porch so I decided that when I go out the back kitchen door and check the laundry, then I would make a quick detour over to the fence. If I held onto the fence and hopped up a bit I could see right over our fence and get a much closer view of my neighbor's back porch, but when I backed away from the window I glanced to my left and noticed out of the corner of my eye: AN INTRUDER STANDING OUTSIDE ON MY BACK PORCH in the shadow of the door! I could make out his hand, arm, and the front of his shoes! He was tucked back against the door frame which hid only the back half of him! So I could see the front of his shoes and one arm and hand and the outline of a face! At that point unfortunately, the object in my neighbor's yard became secondary. I fell off the sink and scampered into the bedroom and locked the door! I called the police and they came pretty quick. They searched the premises outside, but found nothing. I was scared to go outside when the police came, but they wanted me to show them exactly where the intruder was standing. As I walked along the outside of the house next to my kitchen, I hopped up and looked over the fence into my neighbor's yard there was nothing on her back porch. I saw no triangle, no lights, no pyramid, nothing. Nowhere in her yard did anything even resemble the object that I saw from my kitchen window. The police say I probably scared the intruder away when he saw me looking out the window, but I believe if I hadn't been so intently looking out the window at that object I NEVER WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT PERSON HIDING IN THE DOORWAY. I would have gone outside to get the laundry and who knows what could have happened. This was quite scarey! I know its goofy, but I like to think that a UFO saved my life that day although I haven't told this story to many people. Oh, by the way, I talked to my neighbor the next day and inquired about any shiny thing on her back porch (not mentioning UFO)just asking about pots, vases or perhaps Christmas lights that maybe she had out there She laughed at me and said she hadn't even been on the back porch for days and its too early for Christmas lights!

Investigator's Notes: Certainly the witness will never forget this experience. (She remembers the exact date after 16 years.) One aspect of this sighting deserves mention: The witness only viewed the object while inside her home. When the police arrived she went outside and couldn't find the object. This raises the possibility that the object could have been a reflection on the windows. (Reflections from windows have resulted in UFO sightings by credible witnesses.) Of course the object could very well be real and witness has provided a nice sketch to depict what she saw.