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Sighting Reports 1993

Radioactive Waste Worker Sees 3 Large Flying Saucers Enter Ground

Location of Witnesses and Where Flying Saucers Entered Opening in Ground
Witnesses Were on Cliff Outside of Los Alamos Lab. They Saw Saucers
Enter Ground Near Pojoque Which is About 15 Miles to the East
(Los Alamos is in North-Central New Mexico)

Date of Sighting: March 19, 1993
Time of Sighting: 3:25 PM MST
Duration of Sighting: About 10 Minutes
Date Sighting Reported: April 3, 2007
Location of Sighting: Los Alamos, New Mexico (See Map)
Latitude: 35.9 Degrees North
Longitude: 106.03 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: 14
Number Witnesses Interviewed: 1
Weather: Not Known

Description (In Witness's Own Words): From a plateau on top of Los Alamos National Laboratory, inside of TA-54, I saw three large disks turning sideways and entering an open hole. This was on March 19, 1993 at 3:25 pm. Every person at TA-54 stood completely motionless and just stared at the landing. As soon as the hole closed up, NO ONE said anything about it. The duration of this landing was about 10 minutes. The disks had to be very large as they actually landed in the red clif hills of Pojoaque.

Second Report by Witness (In Response to My Questions): TA-54 is Technical Area 54, the site where hazardous, radioactive, and mixed (hazardous and radioactive) wastes are stored, managed, and processed for off site transportation and disposal or recycling. I saw three disks-very large (at least two miles in diameter). I have previously reported this siting on the UFO Sighting Report website. (See report below.) I still have dreams and nightmares about the incident and I feel that it must continued to be reported. I am an environmental chemical and radioactive waste consultant. The disks merely entered a hole in the ground that appeared before they landed and disappeared after they entered. I don't believe that the landing site is in anyway associated with Los Alamos national Laboratory (LANL).

Same Sighting as Reported to the National UFO Reporting Center on July 13, 1997:
Three very large disks seemed to land in a hole in the ground and could be seen from 15-20 miles away. On the afternoon of March 19, 1993, fourteen of my co-workers and I suddenly were stopped in our tracks when we saw (from a high plateau on the Los Alamos, New Mexico hill viewing to wards Pojoaque, New Mexico) three extremely large disks (at lease 1/2 mile in diameter) emerge from nowhere and enter into a very wide opening in the ground. We were at lease fifteen miles (as the crow flies) from the landing site. When each one of the disks entered the opening , one after the other, then the earth closed. I was the only one who remembered the sighting, as the others only noticed that a few minutes had elapsed. I pass through Pojoaque daily and I have tried to find the exact landing site, but it is on a Native American (Indian) reservation land. A particular section of the reservation that non-Indians are not allowed to visit or enter.

Investigator's Notes: Perhaps this report corroborates the many stories about "underground UFO bases" in New Mexico and the "Four Corners" area. The witness still vividly recalls details of the sighting and apparently there were 14 other witnesses to the sighting. A few details differ from his original report above to NUFORC versus the report that he made to UFOs Northwest. However, this is understandable considering that the event happened nearly 13 years ago.

Reference: The Book "Exempt From Disclosure: The Disturbing Case About The UFO Coverup"
by Robert Collins and Richard Doty, 2005 talks at length about underground vaults in the Los Alamos area. This book should be available for purchase. (See dealers.)