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Sighting Reports 1995

Man Recalls Encounter With 5 Small Entities While Camping

Date of Sighting: 1995 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Around 10 PM Local Time
Date Sighting Reported: April 12, 2007
Duration of Sighting: Several Minutes (Exact Time Unknown)
Location of Sighting: Feeding Hills, Massachusetts (SW Massachusetts Near Springfield)
Latitude: 42.06 Degrees North
Longitude: 72.68 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Unknown

Description: Listen to Portion of Interview With Witness (MP3)
The witness reported the sighting several years after it happened. He stated that he feels like he is being "harassed" by aliens and continues to have strange experiences. At the time of the encounter he was camping alone in a forest near Springfield, Massachusetts. He went for a stroll around 10 pm from his campsite and at once he couldn't move. At that time he was approached by 5 small entities with large eyes and of "greyish-greenish" color. The creatures spoke to him telepathically and he was under the impression that they wanted him to go to their planet which he described as somewhat barren. (They showed him images of their planet.) He did not see a craft at any time. He said that he resisted them and refused to go to their planet. He then started praying and at once felt released from the paralysis. He said that he then moved towards the creatures and they at once disappeared. He then "blacked out" for several minutes. He awoke and returned to his campsite. At that time he set up a "laser alarm" which would sound an alarm if any motion was detected in a given perimeter of his campsite.

Investigator's Notes: This is a sensational story and impossible to prove. The veracity of the encounter rests solely with the credibility of the witness. The witness is employed in a professional occupation and seemed sincere. Subsequent investigation by another investigator has revealed that this witness has suffered from mental illness. This fact undermines the veracity of his report.