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Sighting Reports 1996

Man Claims That He Encountered Large Ship With Beings While Driving Near Dayton, Nevada

Drawing of Ship by Witness

Drawing of One of Creatures by Witness
(Creatures of Varied Appearance Were Seen)

Approximate Location of Encounter

Date of Sighting: April, 1996 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: 11:00 PM PST
Duration of Sighting: Several Hours
Date Reported: January 9, 2006
Location of Sighting: Near Virginia City Nevada on Highway 50 East
Latitude:  39.283 Degrees N (Estimated)
Longitude:  119.5 Degrees W (Estimated)
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Unknown

Description : Witness stated that he was driving eastbound on Highway 50 (see map above.)  He noticed four lights to his left (towards Virginia City and Reno.)  The lights began getting bigger and approached his vehicle.  In the next minute or two he was staring at a large craft with bright windows.  (See drawing above of the craft.) He saw several beings in the craft.  (See drawing above of one of the beings.)  The next thing that he remembers is driving eastbound into Dayton and it is 8 am.  (The distance traveled was only a few miles - see map above.) He lost about 9 hours of time.  He remembers very little in this 9 hour time period. )

Investigator's Notes: The witness said that he was dramatically affected by this encounter.  If his account is true, it would be easy to accept this statement.  The witness made several drawings of the craft and several of the beings that he saw with the craft.  He stated his experience in considerable detail.  I doubt if anyone would go to this trouble just to tell a hoax.  The witness has asked for complete anonymity and has not requested any compensation.  I think that the witness may be truthful, but like most encounters of this type the validity of the case lies solely with the statements of one witness.