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Sighting Reports 1996

Man Recalls Running From Unknown Creature in His Home. Creature Then Disappeared

Date of Sighting: Summer, 1996
Time of Sighting: 8:51 AM EDT
Date Reported: March 26, 2006
Duration of Sighting: Unknown
Location of Sighting: White Plains, New York (34 Miles Northeast of Downtown New York City)
Latitude:  41.03 Degrees North
Longitude: 73.75 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Unknown.

Description (In Witness's Own Words):  As I ran down stairs from the attic I was followed by a creature that was looking straight at me and as I ran I tripped to the bottom of the stairs and started screaming for everyone in the house and that is when is when the creature disappeared. I was still young but old enough to remember what I saw.  My parents went up to see who was up there but everything was locked so that no one could have got into the attic.

Investigator's Notes: I haven't yet reached this witness to obtain more information about his alleged encounter.  Little can be said about this case until more information is obtained.  If true, this case would likely fall into the apparition or ghost category unless a UFO was sighted in conjunction with the creature encounter.  Any updates to this case will be posted.