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Sighting Reports 1998

Erratic Lights Chase Two Women in Oregon Along Interstate-5


Animation of Movement of Lights as Drawn by Witness

image image
image image

Diagram of Movement of Lights Described by Witness
(Order of Movement is Left to Right, then down and Left to Right)


Date: December 13, 1998
Time: 10:30 to 11:30 PM P.S.T.
Date reported: December 5, 2004
Location: Interstate-5 Between Salem & Eugene, OR (Closer to Eugene)
Latitude: Not known
Not known
Not known 
Approximately 3 minutes
Number Witnesses:

Description (In Witness One's and Two's Own Words): My friend sent me a copy of her short account of our experience. We were in her old Volkswagen camper heading South on I-5 in Oregon and were closer to Eugene than Salem. It was a long dark stretch and there were few cars. (sometime after 10pm) I noticed out my passenger window on the West side what I thought was a car coming down a hill heading North. I don't know why it caught my eye or why it was interesting enough to comment about. First it seemed about a half mile away but as it traveled down it seemed to be closer to 1/4 mile away. Then it was level and heading north. As it came parallel to us a big bright light came on and shinned into the front seat of our vehicle. My friend shielded her eyes and started yelling, "what's that, I can't see,?" etc. The reason it was bothering her is because the light had changed direction. Now it was traveling in our direction perfectly parallel to us. I was trying to see what it was. I was squinting at the light and then I realized that was no way to see anything and also if this was a real light there should be light in the back of the vehicle so I turned around and looked. There was light in the back and I was feeling confused. How could this be? I knew it didn't make sense. Then the big light shinning on us turned off and whatever it was took off heading North and my friend started yelling, "it's crossing the overpass".. I said that's not possible we never went under an underpass. In the amount It time it took to say that... it was parallel to us traveling in our direction (south) on the opposite side of I-5. All I could see was what looked like two headlights. Probably by now my friend had speeded up a little and thus we drove probably for another minute looking, feeling confused. Then I said, "I can't take this any more. This can't be happening. It's impossible and I'm done. I'm not looking at it anymore. We continued driving in silence and we didn't look at it anymore. This whole experience had gone on for about 3 minutes from the time I first noticed the lights coming down. It was about 20 minutes until we got to Eugene. We stopped at an all night pancake house and all I said was "do you think we lost any time where's a clock?" We had no watch or clock in the van. We looked at the time and I believe it was about 10:30 or was it 11:30. I was too confused to have the time make much sense. The next day we picked up her daughter and headed back in the daylight. I examined the whole stretch of highway on the way back and there never was any hill of any kind on the West side of us nor were there any overpasses

 And here are further explanations of the characteristics of the light(s):

1. 2 lights like car headlights appearing to come down a hill in the west heading north

2. big bright spotlight appears on the side of the thing and it shines directly on us

3. changes direction abruptly heading south at our speed parallel to us

4. changes direction abruptly now heads north again

goes around behind us and is suddenly on the east side of I-5 traveling south parallel to us. The whole event from start to finish lasts maybe 2 to 3 min.

I tried to keep my directions clear. I went over this a couple times. It's interesting that all my experiences involve lights. It was so dark out there that night on I-5 we couldn't see a thing except lights. There was no traffic during this time except when I looked in the back of the van I could see headlights way back from us. I wondered if they could see what was going on with us. Now I have to wonder if I was seeing car headlights. And, I know my friend was driving and she said she was going 70 because she usually does go that fast but, we were in her old camper and I don't remember that it went that fast. I can't swear to it though.

Investigative Notes: This sighting has just been received so little investigation has been done.  I have had separate communications with both witnesses and their stories match.  (Witness one also includes some of witness two's comments in the above account.)  This is one in a long series of UFO sightings that occur along Interstate-5.  Many travelers see the large triangles that have become commonplace as UFO reports.  A check of UFO sightings in the National UFO Reporting Center database showed that a sighting of bright yellow ball of light occurred at Hauser, Oregon at 7:00 PM PST.  Hauser is along the coast about 100 miles southwest of Eugene, Oregon.  The sighting occurred along US Highway 101.  It is unlikely that the Hauser sighting is related to the Salem-Eugene sighting because the sightings were over 3 hours apart and were not similar in appearance.