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Sighting Reports 1998

Man Recalls Terrifying Close Encounter With Flying Disk

Sketch of Bottom View of Object Prepared by Witness.
Sketch of Bottom View of Object Prepared by Witness.

Sketch of Side View of Object Prepared by Witness.
Sketch of Side View of Object Prepared by Witness.

Fort Wayne is in Northeastern Indiana.
Fort Wayne is in Northeastern Indiana.

Date of Sighting: November, 1998 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Encounter Began at Midnight
Location of Sighting: Fort Wayne, Indiana (See Map)

Description: I saw something that I just cant stop thinking about. It was fall in 1998 and my wife woke me up and said someone is outside so I got up to see. Then we lived in a trailer and our room was at the end so I started going down the hall and the first window I came to was the back door so I looked out the window and I see about 100 feet away the neighbor's yard was lit up with a light that was so bright that you couldn't even see anything in the yard, but shadows of things in the yard. They had a lot of lawn furniture and stuff and there was a lot of turbulence in the light and lots of movement. The light was round and lit the whole yard and stayed on for about a minute.
After the light went off I started hearing sounds outside almost like someone walking right outside.
Now at this time I was still standing at the back door window and I was hearing sounds on the other side of the wall, but I didn't see anything. I could walk down the hall following the sound outside until I came to a window and then I would throw open the blinds just to see nothing. I did that all the way down the trailer until I got to the front of the trailer. Then I opened the blinds and waited. Then my whole front yard lit up so bright you couldn't see anything. It would stay on for about a minute then go off. I watched that for 5 or 6 times. Then I noticed something in the sky. It was round shaped like a disk. There was thickness to it with sharp edges. It was reddish-orange in color kind of a dull color not that bright and the whole thing glowed. It was spinning and there were lines going from the center to the edges and as it spun the thing looked curved. Sometimes things would fly off of it. It was about 50 feet away and might have been 50 feet long. As it would spin it would also rotate in all directions. It made no sound, but as it rotated and became whole or round. I think was seeing the bottom of it. You could feel it and somewhat hear it. It was low and pulsating. I can make the noise. Then it would go out and you couldn't see it.Now this went on for hours. It would light up my yard then go out then you could see the ship and it would spin and rotate and it would go out. It did it over and over again for at least 3 hours. My wife got up and also saw it.

I felt threatened by it. I almost think that there was missing time because by looking at the time when it started and when I went back to bed 3 hours had gone by. It doesn't seem like I was out there that long. A neighbor came to the house the next day and was talking about the lights she saw last night.

Note: The witness has written a lengthy report and obviously recalls considerable details regarding his sighting which occurred 12 years ago. He does offer some conflicting information. He writes that he heard no sound and later mentions that he heard some sound. His sketches are helpful in illustrating his experience.

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