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Sighting Reports 1999

Man Sees Jetliner Avoid UFO. Military Jets Pursue UFO.

Spottsville is in Northwestern Kentucky Near the Ohio River.
Spottsville is in Northwestern Kentucky Near the Ohio River.

Date of Sighting: November 10, 1999
Time of Sighting:
10:35 AM EST
Spottsville, Kentucky (See Map)

Description: I saw one lighted object that was tracked by aircraft at two different times. The aircraft altered their prior flight pattern. On the morning of November 10,1999, I witnessed a lighted object approximated to be north of my location. It was stationery at a visible distance. The sky was clear. I observed the stationary light for several minutes thinking it was a unidentified object. I observed a commercial airliner jet maneuver to re-direct course with said object to a point that from a point of my visibility, no more than 10 miles. The object disappeared before the airliner could get close enough. A second appearance occurred after the airliner was out of my sight. It appeared to be in the same place. At this time, I was astonished that a commercial airliner would alter it's course to intercept the object. On the second appearance, there where two Air Force Jets that were enroute ( one from the east and one from the west). The object only remained stationary for about thirty seconds. The two jets came close to the object, but did not intercept it. Before the jets had reached the object it (the light object) made a quick flash to the left and disappeared again. The two Air Force jets turned opposite of their own path. I remained outside for any other appearance for several minutes. After the jets were out of site, I returned inside my home.

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