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Sighting Reports 2000

Campers Have Terrifying Encounter With Unknown Beings

Drawing of One of Beings by Witness
Drawing of One of Beings as Seen Through the Tent

Photo of Campsite Where Encounter Occurred
Photo of Campsite Taken at Later Time

Map of Showing Location of Encounter
Location of Encounter (About 14 Miles Northeast of North Bend, WA)

Date of Sighting: August 15, 2000 (This Date is Estimated)
Time of Sighting: Around 4 am PDT
Date Reported: March 19, 2006
Location of Sighting: 14 Miles Northeast of North Bend by Middle Fork of Snoquamie River (See Above Map)
Latitude: 47.55 Degrees North
Longitude: 121.53 Degree West
Number of Witnesses: Six in Party. (Three Were Privy to Sighting.)
Number Witnesses Interviewed: Two
Weather: Clear Skies.
Astronomical: Full Moon on Night of Sighting

Description: This case has been analyzed for the past two months. All three witnesses have been hypnotized. Two of the witnesses have been interviewed by UFOs Northwest and the interview was taped. (Portions of the interview may be posted in the near future with the consent of the two witnesses.)

What Happened? The witnesses were on a camping trip on the West Slopes of the Cascade Mountains near the Middle Fork of the Snoquamie River. The witnesses were sleeping at the time when the encounter began. The campsite had three tents oriented north to south. At the southern-most tent one of the witnesses woke about 4 am because of sounds (like someone stepping on twigs.) He could see silouettes of beings (humanlike shape with large heads). The beings made a chirping like sound (also described as a sound made by dolphins.) The witness then saw laser lights project through the tent. He thought this strange because lasers won't generally go through both sides of a tent. One of the beings poked a finger into the tent (from the outside of the tent). The witness became frightened and hit the finger with the back of his hand. The witness then woke on of the other witness in the tent. (Three witnesses were staying in the south-most tent.) The third witness staying in the south-most tent did not awaken. The witness that had been woken up had a pistol and took his pistol and flashlight outside to see what was happening. Nothing was found and a complete search was made of the campground. The witnesses stayed up for awhile and built a campfire. After sometime (exact time not known) they returned to bed. In a only a minute or two the beings returned. One of the witnesses remembers grabbing his pistol, but the next thing that they both remember is awakening about 5 hours later (at around 9 am). They both arose not remembering anything more. One of the other campers in the north-most tent asked them if they saw the lights the night before. (He remembered seeing laser type lights and bright white lights.) Both of the witnesses then became quite terrified and remembered their encounters during the night, but were mystified in why they couldn't recall anything after the second encounter. The witnesses continued their camping trip the next day, but left later in the day. (They did not change their plans because of the encounter.)

Investigator's Notes: This encounter defies explanation. I have had several contacts with the witnesses via email and phone calls. My interview revealed both witnesses to be sincere and did not ask for money or any personal attention. The witnesses were hypnotized by Aileen Garoutte. Aileen has hypnotized several individuals who have been allegedly abducted or have had close encounters with unknown entities. The witnesses did not recall anything in the "missing time period" under hypnosis. The witnesses did not see any other campers, no sign of animals in the area. They have visited this area before and after the encounter. Other campers and wild animals were never seen in these other trips. The witnesses were able to see the beings through the tent because of the bright full moon and clear skies on the night of the encounter. At this time no explanation of this encounter can be rendered.