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Sighting Reports 2003

Unusual Multicolored Object Seen in Night Sky. Photos Taken.

One of Copyrighted Photos of Multicolored Object Sent by Witness.
One of Copyrighted Photos of Multicolored Object Sent by Witness.

Date of Sighting: October 3, 2003
Time of Sighting: Around 8 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: San Diego, California

Description: I never believed in UFO until we saw one. We took pictures and videos of the object. I told my girlfriend to hurry and grab my camera. Lots of unusual things happened that night. As far as I have seen or know I have the best photos of a real UFO that I have ever seen on any site. This object dwarfed anything I have ever seen and moved horizontal for about 6 seconds towards the east. The lights on the craft were simply amazing. I called 911. I saw that week on TV that people witnessed UFOs, but I captured the best photos I have ever seen of a real UFO. I wrote to Steven Spielberg and they called me back to see the photos and videos. Unfortunately my house was ransacked and everything stolen, but I made a copy of the pictures on a disc and now just found it after years. I will send just 3 pictures for now.

Note: The above photo does show a multicolored mass. The witness saw the mass and it moved very fast horizontally.

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