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Sighting Reports 2004

Mysterious Being Drags Eatonville, WA Man From Trailer December 27, 2003

DH Experiences More Stange Lights in His Room - Dec. 11, 2004

Encounters Continue - DH Finds Large Unexplained Scar - Dec. 4, 2004

Another Encounter Occurs - November 11, 2004


Above Photo is an Artist Simulation of Red Orb in the Actual Location Where Encounter Occurred.

Name: D. H., Age 41, male
Date experience began:
Week before New Year’s (2004) – Friday
Time of Day:
When Red light was in trailer, it was around 11:30 p.m. (see below)
Eatonville, WA about 36 miles north of Mount Rainier. Trailer was near garage at a friend’s house.

We were recently exposed to an interesting case involving a possible abduction from a travel trailer in Western Washington State. The alleged incident began on Friday, 26 December, 2003 just before midnight. D. H., age 41 and male was wakened in his Roust-a-bout travel trailer at approximately 11:30 p.m. by a sound, light or movement that, at this time, he is unable to fully identify. However, upon waking he clearly saw a red orb that was approximately three inches in diameter. "It was the size of a baseball," he stated. From the surface of the red ball, to another inch or so, a mist of red light shone. The total diameter, including the misty edge, was about five inches. Although the red light was "hazy" as regards its distinctness, it lit up the entire interior compartment of the trailer. "It was an extremely bright light," he said.

At the time, his travel trailer was parked behind a friend’s home near the garage in Eatonville, Washington, about 36 miles north of Mount Rainier. Prior to being wakened, D. H. was sleeping under four blankets and between two sheets. He was wearing no clothes at the time, but the blankets were sufficient to keep him warm, even though the trailer was kept at approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The trailer was a fully self-contained travel trailer, but had no shower.

It should be noted that D. H. is an extremely tidy person, almost to a fault. He showers (indoors) every day and washes his hands before eating, etc. Perhaps because he is a master plumber by trade (licensed in the State of Washington), he has developed a habit of always putting things away properly and in their place after using them and carefully. In that same regard, he always locks all doors and windows at night. His trailer was "spic and span" clean that night.

The light that woke D. H. up that evening was at the foot of his bed, in the center, near the entryway to the trailer. It was floating two feet above and one foot further down from his feet (away from his body).

He was lying on his left side when he opened his eyes and saw light. He lay there on his left side for a minute and a half watching the light before turning over to his right side very slowly maintaining his head upon the pillow – and then watched the light for approximately another minute. This was when D. H. noticed the time on the clock. "It was 11:30-something," he said.

He told us that he had never seen anything like this in his entire life. The red light (orb) was highly luminous and "lit up the trailer in an amazing fashion while hovering in the exact same spot," he stated. Ordinarily, he couldn’t have been able to even read the time on the clock in the dark.

Then, he leaned up on his right elbow very slowly. The light moved about a half an inch further inside the trailer (to the left) and then bolted out the door so fast, he couldn’t actually see the light’s movement. D. H. was unaware until that moment that the trailer door was open. He always closes and locks that door -- and even always checks on it by shaking the handle and pushing on it several times to insure it’s locked. (This door would be on the passenger side of any vehicle pulling it.)

It should be noted at this point that D. H. had had just previously repaired the entire right side of the trailer including the door.

The door slammed behind the light that "flew" out. (See photo of door inside of trailer.) Interestingly, D. H. said that he was not frightened the entire time. He was simply amazed at what he had seen. He had never ever seen such a light.

It actually made him jolt when trailer door slammed. He was still under the covers.

At this point, he lit a cigarette and lay there (after turning back on left shoulder) thinking about what he had just seen until he finished the cigarette. This took three to five minutes, he said. After that, he got up, turned on the lights (two lights– one over stove and one over bed area) and got a glass of water. Having poured the water, he then unscrewed the bulb over stove, got back in bed, covered up and lay there thinking about what had just happened. He turns the light over the stove on and off by screwing and unscrewing the bulb.

While only the light over his bed was on, he lay there thinking about this event for a full 25 minutes before leaning up and unscrewing the bulb over his bed (his manner of turning off the light). He was thinking, "Why did this happen? Why was this going on?" for those 25 minutes. He told us that he never doubted that it happened. "It was NOT a dream." He is still very emphatic on this point!

In any event, after the 25 minutes had elapsed, he went to sleep.

It wasn’t until he awoke the next morning that he noticed that he had a bump on the back on his head. It was a good sized bump and yet, he felt better than he had in months. The bump only hurt when he touched it – and even then it was only slightly sore. In fact, he only knew the bump was there when he scratched his head because he felt an itch where the bump was. The bump protruded outwards out about half an inch. (Investigator: It’s still slightly noticeable one month later.) Of note is that D. H. noticed no appreciable loss or gain of time during this incident.

Indeed, it was only after he got out of bed the next morning (about 7:30 a.m.) and had turned off the alarm clock, turned on his coffee machine and was sitting on the foot of his bed when he noticed the itch mentioned above and how "happy" he felt. This was not like anything (drugs, alcohol, whatever) that he had ever felt. He was just in "a really good mood." It was at this time that he first noticed the itch, the bump and the slight soreness when he touched the bump. But again, it should be emphasized that none of these things changed his happiness.

He sat at the foot of the bed waiting for the coffee to be ready and thinking about the events from the night before and how happy he was.

He looked over to his right and noticed that the door trim on the floor (which sticks up about a full inch) had a one-and-a-half inch dent in it. The trim was dented outward. That piece of trim was previously perfectly straight and he knew that because he had only recently fixed that entire side of the trailer. Incidentally, you can step on the trim as hard as you wish – even with boots – and not cause any dent at all. (We have verified this fact.) D.H. has subsequently straightened the trim. (See photo of trim and location where it had been previously dented.)

The next night at just before 8:00 p.m., he lay down in bed, closed his eyes for a minute to relax from the day, and had a flashback for about a second and a half of someone pulling him by his ankles out of his bed. All of the covers had been removed from his body and he was terrified as he was being dragged feet-first from his bed and through the trailer door. His legs were crossed and he was dragged by two "hands" of some sort.

He then got out of his bed and then realized that the dent was probably caused by his head striking the trim at the bottom of the door. He thinks he was dropped accidentally by "whoever."

Three nights afterwards (Monday night), something jumped onto the top of his trailer (still in Eatonville) … heard a thump and then a slight scuffling. No tree near trailer nor near garage next to where trailer was parked. This happened about 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. He then wired his door shut from the inside. He has been doing this ever since. This, even though the door can be locked. That same evening, he thought he heard something scratching around trying to open the small key-locked storage compartment (but large enough for a human to crawl through) on the side of his trailer. It has an outside covering panel.

A couple of weeks later (roughly ten days later), he visited with his mother in Western Washington. It was about 1:30 a.m. (middle of the night and everyone had gone to bed except D. H.) and he was about to fall asleep in the home when he got a flashback. The flashback was of a large dark-dark gray face (right in D. H. ’s face about two feet away) with large black or dark gray face with thin arms – he saw only between wrist and elbow and saw no ears, mouth, hair or nose. The flashback was of the Alien’s face and that face was directly in D. H.’ s face in the trailer while D. H. was in his bed. The flashback was in color and quite vivid – and "alive." It should be noted that D.H. almost never dreams in color. Although D.H. has seen such pictures of aliens, this flashback was "live" -- similar to flashback of being pulled from bed some nights earlier (above). This flashback really frightened D. H. a lot. He didn’t get back into bed until 4:30 a.m. and not to sleep until after 5:00 a.m. He wired his mother’s back door shut then and the door remains wired today.

Such flashbacks have never occurred in D. H. ’s life before.

On early a.m. (2:30 a.m.) of 19 January 2004, a dull white light (rectangular --- about 6" by 2") appeared on D.H. ‘s trailer wall – then immediately disappeared. Energy seemed to be drained from D.H. ‘s body this time – not greatly, but somewhat.

At around 2 am on February 15, 2004 the owner of the property where D.H. had parked his trailer noticed someone climbing a tree near D.H.'s trailer. When the owner went outside and yelled at the "tree climber" he saw no one nor received an answer. The owner then went to bed. The next morning D.H. said that someone had punched several neatly arranged holes in the tin foil that D.H. had spread over the exterior windows in his trailer. (Since having these experiences D.H. has become paranoid about securing locks and covering windows.) When the property owner told D.H. about the tree climber, he became very frightened.

All of this is puzzling to D.H. inasmuch as he has never believed in UFOs/Aliens and has even teased persons who do, including his own mother..

D.H. Has another encounter on November 11, 2004 in Anchorage, Alaska:

image       image

(Above Pictures Were Drawn by DH and Depict the Entity
 That He Saw on Nov. 11, 2004)

Although D. H. moved to the State of Alaska in the early summer of 2004 and is/was living in Anchorage, Alaska during the Autumn of 2004 when he had another occurrence of an “alien intrusion” into his life.  It occurred at 2:30 a.m. on 11 November 2004.  He was awakened after having a rather prominent dream.  No lights were on in the bedroom of the home within which he is living in Anchorage, but he saw the very clear image of a non-human figure in his bedroom through the mirror.  No attempt to communicate (speak or telecommunicate) was made (by either), but the figure emitted a dull but noticeable white light. 

D. H. could only see the upper torso and head, but was certain that the figure was fully seven and a half feet tall.  Its face was very human-like except that it had the usual “gray” attributes of a small slit for a mouth, no ears and a tiny nose.  The eyes were perfectly round -- not almond-shaped as is true of the "classic Gray" -- and seemed large.  No hair was visible.  It’s color was grayish-green and its skin was slightly pocked (not very smooth) as best he could recall. He was unable to see the lower part of the torso through the mirror; however, it was wearing no noticeable garments.

The room could not have been entered through its one door or the small crank-opened window behind the television set.  He looked for and found no signs of forced entry after the “being” simply disappeared after about five seconds.  This is the first strange incidence of any kind since his activities in Ocean Shores during the winter of 2004.

The Encounters Continue - Dec. 4, 2004 (Anchorage, Alaska) DH first notices large scar on rear of upper leg.  He is quite frightened by this situation because he is certain that he did get this scar from any known injury.  (We have supplied DH with a camera in the hopes that he can photograph future events.)

DH Sees More Lights - Dec. 11, 2004 (Anchorage, Alaska)


Recently DH phoned and left me a voice-mail and said that he has experienced strange lights in his room in the last few days. (See drawing supplied by DH to the left.) Apparently the lights were yellow in color and "streaked." Clear spaces were between the streaks. Recently I have equipped DH with a camera and we are hopeful of getting some photos if these encounters continue.





Investigative Notes: All of these experiences of DH are intriguing and not explainable.  Outside of DH's word we have no other evidence to look at (other than the dented door trim on his Dec. 27, 2003 experience.)  I know some of DH's friends and his mother.  They all say that he is of sound mind and has never had any mental problems.  In my discussions with DH he has assured me that he rarely drinks, does not use drugs, and has no history of mental illness or hallucinations.  I do believe DH's story and I believe that he is of sound mind.  However, to prove this conclusively he should have a consultation with a mental health professional preferably a therapist who has treated people who have had paranormal experiences.  The decision to seek a mental health professional strictly rests with DH.

Bottom Line:  We continue to investigate this intriguing case.  We will update this page as more details become available.