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Sighting Reports 2004

 Woman Takes 2 Photos of White Hovering Object

Photo of 2 Original Photos.
Photo of 2 Original Photos.

Date of Sighting: January 29, 2004
Time of Sighting: About 9 PM CST
Date Sighting Reported: June 1, 2008
Duration of Sighting: Few Seconds
Location of Sighting: Glenvil, Nebraska (S. Central Nebraska Adjoining National Guard Training Base)
Latitude: 40.5 Degrees North
Longitude: 98.25 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Clear Skies. Visibility 10 Miles. Winds Were From East-Southeast at 8 MPH.

Description: I haven't seen my sighting on here. So I will try one more time. I saw something white and round in the sky just hovering or sitting there. It was not moving and made no noise. I ran, got my camera out of my purse and ran back to the back door. I clicked once and clicked again. I thought it was gone because by the human eye it was.

Comments: I have unable to get more information from the witness regarding this sighting. Apparently the two original photos were in a safety deposit box. The witness took a photo of the two original photos and emailed the file to me. It is unclear exactly what the witness saw. The two photos don't reveal any detail about the light (object) that the witness saw. The first photo shows a non-homogeneous mass and the second photo shows some "time exposure" which could be due to camera movement.