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Sighting Reports 2004

Man Sees 3 Orange-Red Orbs Move Across the Early Evening Sky

Date of Sighting: December 28, 2004
Time of Sighting: Between 5 and 6 PM PST
Date Sighting Reported: September 3, 2008
Duration of Sighting: 25 to 30 Minutes
Location of Sighting: La Mirada, California (Suburb to SE of Los Angeles)
Latitude: 33.9 Degrees North
Longitude: 118.01 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: The Weather Was Inclement With Rain and Areas of Heavy Rain Reported. Clouds Were Very Low With a Scattered Layer at 1,500 Feet, Broken Layer (Mostly Cloudy) at 2,300 Feet, and Overcast (Cloudy) Layer at 3,400 Feet. Visibility Was 9 Miles. Winds Were Calm.
Sunset: 4:52 PM PST

Description: I saw 3 orange-red orbs moving across the sky. They were 200-250 feet in the sky and were separated by no more than 20 feet. All 3 looked to be the same size, shape, and color. They were visible for 25 to 30 minutes. One orb dropped something that was of its self and the same color. These orbs didn't just fly away at the end, they pulsated. They looked like they were blinking in and out until they where finally gone. The orbs appeared to be about the size of a cantaloupe.

Comments: Whatever the witness saw was flying quite low and probably close given the inclement weather conditions. Skies would have been fairly dark considering the sighting occurred right after sunset and that weather conditions were inclement. Given available information I don't know what the witness sighted.